February 13, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

After a Chinese spy balloon traversed our nation surveilling strategic military sites and nuclear missile silos, it was downed by our Air Force on the wrong coast, as it departed rather than entered our airspace. Afterward, we were assured by the Biden Administration that this incursion into our airspace by the Communist Chinese was neither a big deal nor a serious threat. Indeed, we were told it was a common occurrence, having happened at least three times during the Trump Administration and at least once before during the Biden Administration, when a Chinese spy balloon crashed off the coast of Hawaii. However, when President Trump and members of his Administration disavowed any knowledge of Chinese spy balloons traversing America under their watch, the blustering Biden Administration explained that it had been undetected at the time and only recently discovered by them. The jury is still out, and I guess it will remain so permanently, as to whether or not we would have ever been informed by our government about any of this were it not for Montanans spotting the aforementioned Chinese spy balloon over Big Sky Country and their sighting of it bringing about the shutdown of the Billings Airport.


Our clearly cognitively impaired president, whose cognitive impairment is incontrovertibly proven by him being so obviously out of touch with reality, has dismissed these Chinese Communist Party spy balloons as posing no more peril to our representative republic than the balloons in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In an interview with PBS's Judy Woodruff, he actually laughed at the notion that these spy balloons were a serious threat to our nation and should in any way strain our relationship with China. He repeated, in that interview, his oft repeated mantra that China is a competitor with whom we compete, not an enemy with whom we are in conflict. Of course, one cannot help but wonder if his view of China has not been tainted by the fact that the Communist Chinese have served as a cash cow to his son Hunter. Also, one can't help but suspect that the President himself has been compromised by his own cashing in on Chinese yuan, as the mysterious "Big Guy" behind his son Hunter's shady foreign shenanigans.


Since our president's willy-nilly brushing off to Woodruff of the Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of Myrtle Beach, our Air Force has shot down three addition unidentified objects, two more in our airspace and one in Canada's, which amounts to a total of four in the last eight days. As a result, our military is now on "heightened alert," thanks to these increasing incursions into our airspace and intrusions of our national sovereignty. In addition to all of this, intelligence information, which our government is anything but forthright about, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chinese ballooning across America is anything but benign, but most malignant. Our intelligence indicates that the Communist Chinese have been testing the capability of delivering biological and nuclear weapons on adversarial nations by high altitude balloons. They've also been testing the ability to use these balloons to detonate a high altitude nuclear blast that could create an electromagnetic pulse that would wipe out our electrical grid and digital communications. 


Is there any wonder that our Air Force is suddenly scrambling fighter jets to shoot down unidentified objects over our airspace like the Wicked Witch did flying monkeys to hunt down Dorothy in the Land of Oz? Although the facts may be frightening, they need to be faced, for your sake and the sake of your family. Communist China is not a benign competitor of ours, but a malignant combatant. They've been emboldened to balloon across America by the fact that the helm of our ship of state is currently held by a cognitively impaired Commander-in Chief. The incursion of our airspace by these Communist Party balloons is anything but harmless, but may well be harbingers of horrors to come. Unfortunately, it looks like today's woke America, which is embroiled in internal conflicts, over such things as people's preferred personal pronouns, will never wake up in time to the impending peril now hanging over our heads.