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Tweeting Our Way Through the Bible
We’re tweeting our way through the Bible at Time For Truth Ministries. In these high tech digital days of short attention spans and tweeted theology, we’ve decided not to curse the darkness, but to shine our cellphone's light-emitting diode (LED). You can keep up with our tweets by following Time For Truth or The Tweeted Bible on Twitter. You can also keep up with our tweets on our Time For Truth Page or Tweeted Bible Page on Facebook. Of course, you can always read our tweets here on our website’s “The Tweeted Bible” Page. Just click below to read today's Bible tweet or all of our Bible tweets by Scriptural reference—book, chapter, and verse. 
To be truly spiritually tweaked by our daily Bible tweets you should take the time to carefully and prayerfully think about each's tweet's Bible text, since each Bible tweet is simply a concise commentary on the cited Bible text.