February 16, 2023 @ 4:30 AM

There is no better way to prove our present-day precarious predicament than to consider our country's confidential air of invulnerability. Our government, which is incredibly, not to mention incontrovertibly incompetent and inept, is supposedly the invincible sentinel safeguarding an unassailable America. Yet, as we learned on 9/11, an arrogant America can easily be brought to its knees, even by nineteen young Muslim terrorists wielding nothing but box-cutters. 


Today, we suddenly find the skies over our United States filled with unidentified objects. Granted, this may have been going on for sometime now, only undetected until now by the ineptitude of our national defense, which erstwhile was in the dark. Still, these objects may have been sighted from time to time by civilians on the ground, such as the recent sighting of a Chinese spy balloon by Montanans in Big Sky Country. Furthermore, these civilian sightings of what our air defense may have failed to see may account for the UFO hysteria that has swept across much of our nation. However, it's not flying saucers carrying little green men that civilians have been spotting, but things like foreign spy balloons carrying unknown payloads.


Unlike others, who can't understand why our president has not addressed our unnerved nation over the filling of our skies with unidentified objects, I have no problem understanding why he is unforthcoming and tight-lipped. He has neither assurances nor answers to offer anxious Americans. For instance, he has no explanation for why we've previously been incapable of tracking, targeting, and taking down these unidentified objects invading our airspace. Furthermore, the four we've shot down over the last few days are still inexplicable to his administration. We don't even know what three of them are, and we know very little about the fourth, outside of the fact that it was a Chinese spy balloon used to surveil us, especially our strategic military sites and nuclear missile silos.


Despite their confessed ignorance of these recently shot down unidentified objects, the Biden White House assures us that there is nothing to worry about. They've even resorted to calling these acclaimed innocuous unidentified objects as nothing more than "space trash," "space junk," or "space clutter." However, it should not escape the notice of unnerved Americans that the first $400 thousand dollar sidewinder missile shot by a $216 million dollar F-22 Raptor fighter jet at a helpless piece of "space trash" defenselessly floating in the air over Lake Huron Sunday missed its target. Not only did it take a second missile to shoot it down, but there is no information about where the first missile went. One can't help but wonder what would have happened if this so-called helpless piece of space junk would have been an enemy aircraft or ballistic missile.


The moral of this story is simple, any nation that depends upon its government, in particularly its military, for its defense and security, rather than upon God, the Almighty, for its protection and preservation, is in a most precarious predicament. Undoubtedly, as this article proves, our God-forsaken country has forfeited the invulnerable protection of God for the incompetent and inept protection of our government. Consequently, we are susceptible to sudden destruction, in spite of our supposed insusceptibility. Contrary to popular belief, there is no protection for any nation nor people outside of the parameters of God's will and Word.