February 4, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

For some time, much to the ignorance of most Americans, we've been under the tyranny of government by anecdote; that is, laws passed with universal application and disastrous unintentional consequences, which were precipitated by a single sad story of a single individual within a sad and specific situation. Afterward, Congress pats itself on the back and looks to its constituents for a standing ovation for having proven its compassion for a particular person in a peculiar predicament, in spite of the fact that the red tape of its ill-conceived and one size fits all legislation has hung millions of Americans out to dry all across the fruited plain. This unraveling of our constitutional freedoms and ever-increasing government regulation over our lives, in order to address and appease individual grievances, is worse now than ever, thanks to today's woke culture, which demands that Congress pass laws to outlaw all personal offenses to anyone who wears their feelings on their sleeve. In other words, today's thin-skinned Americans demand that Congress forbid anyone from exercising a freedom that may result in their hurt feelings.


If you don't believe the above, then, consider Democrat Shelia Jackson Lee's recently proposed legislation in the United States Congress, which would criminalize white peoples' criticism of minorities. According to this proposed and preposterous piece of ill-conceived legislation, if any white person post anything on a social media site that is disparaging of any person of color, as well as something that might be interpreted in any way and by anyone as a dogwhistle to potential hate crime perpetrators, then, that white person can be arrested, tried, prosecuted, and imprisoned for perpetrating a federal crime. In other words, if I say Shelia Jackson Lee's clearly unconstitutional criminalizing of free speech proves her to be a couple of bricks shy of a full load, then, I could be locked up for loathing her obvious idiocy rather than lauding her oafish legislation. It doesn't make any difference that my criticism of Lee has nothing to do with her black skin, but everything to do with her being stupid. If Lee's proposed legislation is ever passed, then I will be silenced in my debate with her in the public square, simply because of my white skin pigmentation, while at the same time she'll be protected from any criticism of mine, simply because of her black skin pigmentation. One can't help but wonder how much longer these United States can survive under the ever-increasing tyranny of government by anecdote.