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December 26, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

That Americans view evangelicals as political above all else is easily explained by the fact that politics has become so pervasive. Practically everything has become political. For instance, if evangelicals take a Biblical stand for the sanctity of human life, they are seen as political, since one of the hottest hotbed issues of present-day politics is abortion. Likewise, if evangelicals take a Biblical stand for the sanctity of marriage, they are seen as political, since marriage has been redefined by present-day politics to include both common law and same-sex marriage. Even the fulfilling of Christ's Great Commission has come under the auspices of present-day politics, since the preaching of the Gospel, the greatest love story ever ............

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December 21, 2019 @ 7:30 AM

Thanks to a previous impeachment, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Democrats learned that lying, even lying under oath, could be done with immunity and without ultimate accountability. Consequently, today's congressional Democrats have brazenly, without any fear of accountability, been led to impeach our present president by a man repeatedly proven to be a pathological liar. 


It is noteworthy that even the liberal Washington Post, which has been appropriately nicknamed the "Washington Compost," has given Adam "Shifty" Schiff seven Pinocchios for flagrant falsehoods. Still, "Shifty" keeps spewing out slanderous accusations without fear of ever facing any liability. Such shameless ............

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December 13, 2019 @ 6:30 AM

I've said for years, to the chagrin of others and to my own castigation, that America is toast! Well, it's clear to see that we're in the toaster now; and the smell of the smoke of our burning is beginning to spread across the Fruited Plain. 


It's a scary thing to watch a duly elected president railroaded in a congressional kangaroo court, which not only denies the holder of the highest office in our land fundamental rights, like due process, but is also presided over by plaster saints and proven prevaricators who appear impervious to punitive actions against themselves. 


It's a scary thing to watch the largest political party in America apathetically overturning an American election and the ............

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