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Monday, July 15, 2024


It's two days after the assassination attempt on the life of Donald Trump, and we've still not heard a single word from the FBI or the CIA about how this could have possibly happened. The Biden Administration’s explanation for why the FBI and CIA are both unseen and silent is, as it always is, that there is an ongoing investigation. According to them, they are prohibited from informing the public about what is already known, lest their ongoing investigation be somehow jeopardized. Unfortunately, this lack of transparency and straightforwardness with the American people has become an earmark of the Biden Administration. Furthermore, any pretense by the Biden White House, the most propagandizing presidential administration in all of American history, that it is withholding information from the public until it possesses all the facts, is laughable. The truth is; the whole Biden presidency is based on fantasy rather than facts and propped up by both misinformation and disinformation. 


Perhaps, one reason we have not heard from the female director of the CIA, one of the Biden Administration's multiple DIE hires, who was working for Pepsi before being tapped by Biden to lead our nation's Central Intelligence Agency, is because it is now being reported that Secret Service resources were diverted away from Donald Trump's rally Saturday in Butler Pennsylvania to First Lady Jill Biden's campaign event in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This may explain the seemingly inexplicable, such as why there was no CIA agent covering the rooftop from which Trump’s would-be assassin fired his high-powered rifle, as well as how Trump’s would-be assassin was able to run through the crowd with his rifle, climb a latter to the top of a building, and get off a shot at a former president, without ever being spotted by a CIA agent or any other law enforcement officer.


While the would-be Trump assassin was not spotted by the CIA or law enforcement, he was apparently spotted by people in the crowd, who informed law enforcement of his presence on top of a building. According to one crowd member, who videoed the assassin in his shooting perch atop the building, a police officer climbed the ladder at the building to confront the shooter, but quickly climbed back down again when the shooter's gun was pointed at him. It's also being reported that Trump's would-be assassin was spotted by CIA snipers before he ever pulled the trigger on his high-powered rifle. However, the snipers were prevented, by the CIA's rules of engagement, from shooting the shooter until he fired off a shot. Unfortunately, all of this will continue to swirl around as long as the CIA remains silent, which it probably will continue to do, under the guise of an ongoing investigation, for fear of incriminating itself.


The one person we have heard from since Saturday is Joe Biden himself, who has garbled and gaffed his way through a trio of statements on the attempted assassination of his political archenemy, who Biden has not only repeatedly demonized as an existential threat to our democracy, but also proposed putting a “bullseye” over. In his bumbling Oval Office address to the nation last night, in which he called for us to solve our differences at the “battle box,” Ole Joe managed, in his poorly read teleprompter recital, to shift attention from the attempted assassination of Donald Trump to the FBI’s entrapment of would-be kidnappers of Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, as well as to MAGA insurrectionists, who Biden not only contends almost overthrew our government on January 6th, but were all incited by Donald Trump. Ironically, while Ole Joe called for the lowering of America’s political temperature, he slyly continued to cook his chief political rival on the front burner with gas, despite the fact that Trump had just narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on his life.


Since Saturday’s assassination attempt on Donald Trump, other Democrats, unlike Joe, have not been so subtle in their overheated red hot rhetoric. Take for example Jacqueline Marsaw, the field director for Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson. Immediately after the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump, Marsaw posted, “I don't condone violence but please get you some shooting lessons so you don't miss next time.” Granted, Bennie Thompson, who served as the chairman of Nancy Pelosi’s cherrypicked January 6th Committee, who is currently serving as ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, and who has introduced legislation, along with other Democratic House members, to revoke Donald Trump’s Secret Service protection, has fired Marshaw to save face. Still, Thompson’s warpaint covered face is plain to see, just as it is on other Democrats who are clearly on the warpath against Donald Trump and all MAGA Americans.