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Thursday, February 22, 2024


Tuesday's defiant declaration form Nikki Haley, "I'm not going anywhere," is a political paradox. Although she meant it to express her dogged determination to stay in the Republican presidential primary, no matter how badly she continues to be trounced by Trump, even in her home state, it can also be taken to mean the opposite of what she meant; namely, that in her run for the Republican presidential nomination she's literally "not going [getting] anywhere." It won't stop her though, as long as RINOs and Democrats continue to support her, in the hope that she can secure the nomination by default, in the event that Democrats succeed in preventing Trump from winning the nomination, as well as regaining the presidency, by imprisoning him before the election. Don't kid yourself; Nikki Haley isn't going anywhere, despite the fact she isn't getting anywhere, because she believes she can win both the primary and the presidency by default, as long as "Orange Man Bad" ends up in an orange jumpsuit before this year's presidential election. While the majority of Americans say they don't want to be left with a choice between Trump and Biden for president, what we're liable to be left with his two default candidates for president, Nikki Haley, in the event of Trump's incarceration, and Kamala Harris, in the event of Biden's incapacitation. Either way, we'll end up getting another Gerald Ford, an unelected president who ascends to the presidency by default.