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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


It's high time; indeed, way past time, for the United Nations to be expelled from the United States of America. Not one single penny of American taxpayer money should ever be given again to this anti-American, anti-Semitic, and antichrist organization. Although I could post a list of absolute atrocities committed by the UN longer than the arm of an orangutan-like King Kong, this latest one is as dastardly a deed as ever perpetrated by this international body of black-hearted blaggards. One of the recently released hostages of Hamas is claiming to have been initially held hostage by an United Nation's employee. The employee worked for the controversial United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which is supposed to be a humanitarian organization providing food and schooling to Gazans, but is suspected of being an Hamas-linked arm of the UN that teaches Gazan children to hate Jews and provides resources to terrorists. For instance, according to Reuters, a former headmaster at a UNRWA school helped build rockets for Islamic Jihad, while on the UN's payroll. In addition, several UNRWA teachers and administrators celebrated Hamas' October 7th barbaric attack on Israel, in which over 1,400 innocent Israelis were brutally slain. Of course, in response to UNRWA atrocities, Republicans, in particular Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, is calling for an investigation into the UNRWA. I suspect that when our country finally comes crashing down around our ears, Republicans will still be calling for and conducting investigations. Granted, like always, they will do nothing, but they'll still be endlessly investigating everything. If things don't start getting done, we're done for, and a good place for us to start doing something is at the UN, which ought to be drummed out of America and disinvested of all American taxpayer dollars.