January 2, 2022 @ 5:25 AM

Throughout Christian History, Christians have speculated about the Book of Revelation’s Mark of the Beast. Everything from the birthmark on Mikhail Gorbachev’s forehead to our Social Security number has been suspected of being this Biblically predicted evil emblem, the reception of which will spare us from end-time starvation, but do so at the forfeiture of our immortal soul. Therefore, it is not surprising that suspicions are now swirling among the saints over whether or not the 19 in COVID-19 vaccines is somehow calculable to 666.


Permit me to emphatically state from the outset that neither current COVID-19 vaccines nor booster shots fill the bill for the Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast. No one who has opted to be vaccinated or boostered has forfeited their immortal soul by rolling up their sleeve. Still, it is my sincere belief that these vaccines are a precursor, which foreshadows, the pending, forthcoming, and Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast. 


In America today, Americans’ rights, such as the right to an education, to transportation, and to public access, are being revoked by our government’s mandating of vaccines and vaccine passports. In addition, Americans are losing their careers, their jobs, and their livelihoods over their refusal to submit to the medical tyranny of Big Brother’s mandated experimental medical treatments. In addition, there are other, far more foreboding tactics, being put forward as well. For instance, in order to coerce every American citizen into compliance with our government’s current commandeering of centralized control, CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently suggested, in an interview with Bill Gates, not to mention to Gates’ absolute delight, that our government revoke Social Security benefits to all unvaccinated Americans.


If we dare to look beyond our own borders, we’ll see far more foreboding things still. Consider for example the downright diabolical and draconian dictates of the New Brunswick government. Although they revoked their portentous vaccine policy, which would have prohibited the unvaccinated from entering a grocery store, because starving New Brunswickers was found to be a violation of Canada’s Charter of Human Rights, they still set out to prevent the unvaccinated from buying groceries. 


In Sweden, where proof of vaccination is now nationally mandated, they’re implanting microchips in Swedes, so that they can avoid the inconvenience of carrying around or losing a vaccine passport. The chip, the size of a grain of rice, stores and transmits vaccine data. Those who have it implanted in their hand, are permitted access to indoor events with more than 100 people, such as sporting events, theaters, and religious services. 


Truly, COVID-19 vaccines, especially when seen in the light of government mandates, implanted microchips, and the revoking of the unvaccinated’s rights and freedoms, even to the point of prohibiting them from buying and selling, are an unprecedented potential precursor to the Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast. Unlike past candidates, such as the birthmark on Mikhail Gorbachev’s forehead, this one is no laughing matter, but a serious contender. All it will take for it to morph into the Mark of the Beast is another pandemic or a mutated variant of our present one, which can be propagated by our government as more lethal. 


Are you ready to take your stand for Christ, regardless of cost and consequence? I fear you will soon find out, because your opportunity to do so is just around the next corner!