January 12, 2022 @ 11:30 AM

Although medical science has been co-opted in America today by both political and economic science, we’re going to take a deep dive into its co-opting by economic science in this edition of Time For Truth’s The Wilderness Voice. Our country’s current GDP—gross domestic product—is around $17 trillion annually. Most Americans believe that our military makes up the major portion of our GDP; however, America spends almost six times more on our healthcare—$4 trillion a year—than it does on our military—$680 billion a year.


As was proven by America’s emergence from the Great Depression, during World War II, war can be a powerful economic driver. Even more so, when our government declares an unending war on something like terror or poverty. Remember, Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always” (John 12:8). Although war or war metaphors have always been employed by our government as powerful economic drivers, our economy, thanks in no small part to our astronomical national debt, which is fast approaching $30 trillion, has become so unstable that it can no longer be shored up by our military industrial complex alone. Instead, we need something far more lucrative to keep our sinking economy afloat. Therefore, we’ve turned to our far more lucrative medical industrial complex. By declaring war on COVID-19, we’ve simultaneously employed both our military industrial complex and our medical industrial complex as a booming binary economic driver to boost our enfeebled economy. We’ve also, in the process, provided cover for our government’s continuous unsound financial policies, such as printing and pumping into our economy trillions of worthless dollars under the ruse of benevolent COVID relief funds.


What we’re experiencing in America today might be called an economic cancer. Cancer begins in the human body in a single cell out of trillions of cells. Initially, it poses no threat whatsoever to the body. However, as that single cell begins to grow or multiply it outstrips its resources and metastasizes. It becomes a tumor, begins to spread, and invades the rest of the body, in search of additional resources for its continual growth and survival. Ultimately, it proves lethal to the body as a whole.


This is exactly what happens to empires. Throughout human history, the world’s great empires have all grown to a point where they have outstripped their own resources. Once they no longer possess the resources to sustain themselves and their vast expanse, they metastasize. They spread throughout the world, invading other countries, in order to commandeer for themselves their resources. Consequently, war becomes intentional, not to mention essential, for the empire’s continuing survival and supremacy. All means to the empire’s ends, even the most extreme measures, are justified in the name of the empire.


America, the world’s only remaining superpower, as well as the worldwide system of commerce we’ve created for our own sustenance and continued supremacy, has become cancerous. We have metastasized across the whole world, because we’ve outstripped our resources. Furthermore, our financial condition, as well as that of the rest of the world, with which we’ve become intertwined and interdependent, has now become lethal; that is, unsustainable. Our consumer driven capitalist system now finds itself, much to the chagrin of all money-grubbing capitalists and insatiable self-indulgent consumers, in a terminal condition.   


Foreseeing the forthcoming fatal financial condition of our present-day world, the world’s wealthiest people—the so-called “one-percenters”—a group of about 200 billionaires, who control the world’s money supply, have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for years to seize control of our whole planet. With the almighty dollar, they have become almighty, controlling the world’s governments, cooperations, media, and people. They have successfully chained the people of impoverished nations with scarcity and the people of prosperous nations with plenty. In poor Third World countries, they economically enslave people by their needs, making them completely dependent upon them for daily sustenance. In rich industrialized nations, they economically enslave people by their greeds; that is, they enslave them by insidious spending, which results in the accumulation of unaffordable debt, which in turn leaves the big spenders totally dependent upon billionaire creditors to sustain their  unsustainable standard of living.



In light of the frailty and instability of our planet’s present-day financial predicament, the world’s wealthiest one-percenters, along with their cohorts in the World Economic Forum (WEF),1 deem any means to their ends, as well as any extreme measure, not just defensible, but indispensable. No matter what it takes, they are hellbent on raising from the rubble of worldwide insolvency, and especially from the ruins of America, which they deem primarily responsible for our global monetary meltdown, their long envisioned New World Order, in which we will own nothing, they will own everything, and thereby be able to control everyone, which they promise will assure us all of habitual happiness in a perpetual planetary paradise.  


As the WEF’s Davos disciples and “Great Reset” schemers have longed believed, only a global crisis, which they can peddle to the planet as an existential threat to the whole earth, can ever persuade all people in all places to march lockstep together in a unified response. Only by convincing the masses that humanity’s existence is hanging in the balance, can globalists ever convince the global village to surrender their freedoms and properties, and to subjugate themselves to the New World Order’s owners and oligarchy.


Equally essential to persuading the masses of their impending doom, is persuading them that the only hope of deliverance lies in the hands of their betters; that is, the WEF’s plutocratic regime. According to the vision of these plutocratic wannabe world rulers, the New World Order will not be governed by nation states nor national leaders, but by them, the world’s financial leaders and wealthiest one-percenters, who are without national loyalties and will govern the world in an United Nations like forum.


While the WEF has tried for years to scare us into surrendering control of our lives, even down to the most minute details, with their doomsday predictions over climate change, they’ve failed to create enough nail-biters among us to nail shut the coffin of our freedoms. Then, dropped in their laps, out of a lab in Wuhan, China, they got what they had long awaited, a global crisis with which they could frighten the world into the forfeiture of its freedoms and into the fetters of the WEF.


WEF conspirators, along with their coconspirators throughout the world— government leaders, corporate CEOs, media moguls, and the titans of Big Tech—have created a narrative around the coronavirus pandemic that is shifting everything to centralized control, such as central banks and central monetary policy. By doing so, they are positioning our world for a hostile takeover, in which they will seize financial control of our world and subsequently total control of our lives. In the meantime, God have mercy on anyone who dares to part from the prescribed narrative and refuses to parrot all of its talking points.


As history has consistently proven, the collapse of empires always results in wealth being commanded by fewer and fewer people, who in turn make all the decisions. Is it therefore coincidental, that as our country, along with the worldwide system of commerce it has created for its survival and supremacy, financially collapses, that we’re seeing the wealth of the world commanded by fewer and fewer people. For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic we’ve witnessed the doubling of the wealth of billionaires, while at the same time witnessed an additional 8 million Americans drop below the poverty line and 150 million new households plunged into poverty. In addition, we’ve also witnessed a phenomenon not only unprecedented in the annals of American history, but unimaginable to both our forefathers and Founding Fathers; namely, decisions being made for us all by an unelected government bureaucrat, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has unbelievably wielded uncontested and unheard of dictatorial power over every American.


As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic and surrounded by one-percenters, who are dreaming and scheming of gaining 100% control of our entire planet, as well as in a country that is now teetering on the crevice of its own financial collapse, we must not fail to see the hoof prints of Satan or the fingerprints of divine providence. Today’s globalist schemers and New World Order plotters, along with their cohorts—Big Brother, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech—have all been snared by Satan and taken captive to do his will (2 Timothy 2:26). Tragically, these dupes of the devil have no idea whose bidding they’re doing, into whose hands they’ve fallen, and who it is that is pulling their strings. 


Over and above all of the above, we must not forget that there is a throne in Heaven and One who sits upon it (Revelation 4:2). Heaven’s throne is always occupied. No matter how out of control things may appear to be on this earth, we are assured by Scripture that it is all always under the control of the God of Heaven, who is perfectly orchestrating it all to bring to pass His preordained plans and purposes. 


The movers and shakers of our fallen world, as well as the devil—the foremost fallen angel—who has taken them all captive to do his will, are all mere pawns in the hands of divine providence. They are being wielded by the invisible hand of God to bring to pass the Biblically predicted end-time scenario, which will set the stage for this world’s climatic event—the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! No angel in Heaven, no man on earth, nor any devil in Hell, can prevent the return of Christ to rule and reign upon this earth with a rod of iron. In fact, all plotting to prevent it, is preposterous in the eyes of divine providence; all resistance to it, is ridiculed as ridiculous by the soon returning Redeemer; and the forming of a league between fallen men and angels to forestall it, is so ludicrous that the Lord finds it laughable (Psalm 2:1-4). 


So the call for a New World Order—a final worldwide and world-ruling Roman Empire—will increase in both volume and vigor, as the America we’ve known and loved continues to unravel, along with the accompanying worldwide system of commerce it has created. There will be continuing calls to war as well: war on pandemics, climate change, crime, terrorism, racism, poverty, guns, inequality, ad infinitum. All these war cries will be propagated as fights to the death against existential threats to human existence, all of which we will be told necessitate that we surrender our individual rights and freedoms and subject ourselves to the owners and oligarchy of the New World Order, who alone can save us from extinction. Still, in the midst of it all, we must not fail to see the invisible hand of God behind it all, raising up the Biblically predicted end-time Rome, which will precipitate the return of His Son to judge the world, in order to setup His Millennial Reign over it, within which we, His church, shall reign with Him as His co-regents. Remember, as Jesus Himself exhorted us, all these things shouldn’t cause us to hang our heads in horror, but to lift them up in hope, for our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28)!


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