September 28, 2021 @ 6:00 AM

I’ve often stated, much to the chagrin of many, especially Roman Catholics, that nothing in all of Christian history has done more damage to the Christian Faith than the apostate church of Rome. The explanation for such an accusation is that the atrocities of Catholicism are always laid at the feet of Christianity, since the world mistakenly sees the two as one and the same. For instance, the world holds the Pope to be the head of Christendom, though he is actually a false Christ who leads an apostate church that preaches a false gospel. Consequently, Christianity ends up convicted and condemned by a Christ-rejecting world for the crimes of Roman Catholicism, in spite of the fact that the real culprits of the crimes are Catholics and not Christians. Now, this is not to say that no acknowledged Catholic can possibly be an actual Christian, but that Catholicism is apostate rather than authentic Christianity.  


A good example of the above is the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution was roughly a two-hundred-year period of time beginning with Copernicus and ending with Sir Isaac Newton. Whereas Catholicism feared science would diminish God in the minds of men and negate the need of faith, Christian scientists, like Newton, believed science would further reveal God to man and consequently serve as both a catalyst for the Christian Faith, as well as a confirmation of it. Still, the world attributes Catholicism’s opposition to science to Christianity, overlooks the contributions of Christian scientists, like Sir Isaac Newton, who is credited today with being the Father of Modern Science, and draws up all Christians as comical anti-science caricatures. 


Tragically, the divine has been totally expelled from today’s so-called science. Thanks to evolution, the cockamamie theory of Charles Darwin, which is now propagated as scientific fact, God has been subtracted from the scientific equation. Indeed, the cardinal doctrine of contemporary science is the presupposition that scientific investigation must be devoid of any idea of divine providence and imprisoned within the parameters of natural phenomena, which operates all by itself on automatic pilot. Far from a noble endeavor to reveal the divine and to lead us to believe in something higher than ourselves, today’s so-called science is based upon a preconceived and agnostic proposition propaganda for the sole purpose of persuading us all that there is nothing more than the law of nature and nothing higher for us to believe in than ourselves.


The divinely inspired Scripture teaches us the fallacy of negating divine providence from natural phenomena, as well as God’s invisible hand from our daily lives. According to the Bible, neither God nor His Word are abstracts from our daily life. In fact, Scripture teaches us that both Christ and His Word are our life (Colossians 3:4; John 6:63; Deuteronomy 32:46-47). Indeed, Immanuel—God with us—should be looked for in everything everyday (Matthew 1:23)! 


Far from living lives completely cloistered from the divine, our lives and breath have been given to us by God. Furthermore, it is in God that we live each day, make our every move, and take our every breath (Acts 17:24-25; 28). Interestingly, this teaching about how deeply the divine is enmeshed in the human was taught by the Apostle Paul at the Areopagus on Mars Hill to Epicureans and Stoics, both of whom believed the physical world to be the lone reality and the spiritual world to be actually nonexistent. Paul, on the other hand, believed and taught that the physical world was only secondary reality and that the spiritual world was primary reality (2 Corinthians 4:18). 


Although secondary reality and not primary reality, the physical world is nonetheless reality. We should remember, however, that it is in a fallen state, and our understanding of it is not only acquired through our fallen senses, but assessed with our fallen minds. Still, as faulty and fallible as it might be, true science, which is the legitimate study of creation, is a noble pursuit, since it is the accumulation of incontrovertible evidence of the Creator’s existence (Romans 1:20). It could be likened to the scientific investigator’s dusting of an intricately designed creation for the fingerprints of its intelligent Designer and Creator. True science, therefore, compliments and confirms the Christian Faith, since the two are always completely compatible and corroborating. 


We are warned by Scripture not to be deceived by what is falsely called science (1 Timothy 6:20). False science, according to the Scripture, is easily detected by its “oppositions” to Bible-believing Christianity. Contrary to popular opinion, Biblical truths are not to be tested by today’s so-called science, but today’s so-called science is to be tested by Biblical truths. It is, after all, God’s Word that is inerrant—not errant scientific hypotheses—and God—not fallible scientists—who is infallible. Whereas God ever speaks the truth and is never mistaken (John 17:17; Romans 3:4; Titus 1:2; 1 John 2:27), scientists are often proven wrong, as well as untrustworthy. 


Unfortunately, the so-called science of today demands that it be totally divorced from the divine. It teaches that faith and science are mutually exclusive, completely incompatible, often at odds, and generally contradictory. Yet, far from being taunted as false over its defiance of faith, its disdaining of faith is touted as its seal of legitimacy. Consequently, today’s so-called science has set itself up as a rival religious cult to all religions, in particularly to Christianity.


Today’s scientific cult is a secular rather than spiritual religion. It’s adherents walk by sight, not by faith. They judge everything by appearance, believing reality is bound to material rather than spiritual things, which are actually nothing more than fictions imagined by followers of fanciful religious faiths. There is no such thing as divine providence, but merely natural phenomena. God must be subtracted from every equation; otherwise, the conclusions will be unscientific. In other words, the thought of God must be banned from the scientific process to keep science pure and the process from being polluted.  


It is so-called scientific facts; such as, evolution and climate change, that comprise the infallible dogmas of the inerrant creed of contemporary scientific cultists, a creed that must be unquestionably followed by all devotees, lest they be excommunicated as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who’ve dared to question the oracles of the scientific divines. Yes, the cult’s lab coated divines, such as “Saint Fauci,” supposedly speak with as much infallible ex cathedral authority as any miter wearing pope ever dared to from Rome’s papal chair. 


Since there is no immortal soul nor eternal life, a tenet supposedly proven by the fact that neither can be observed in a laboratory, under a microscope, nor through a telescope, the salvation peddled by today’s scientific cult is from threats to mortal bodies and temporal life; such as; COVID-19 and climate change. Salvation from such perils is promised to all who will unhesitatingly bow at the sacred scientific altar, unquestionably believe and obey the inerrant scientific creed, and completely surrender control of their lives to the infallible divines of the scientific cult.


The cult of science, like all other cults, counts on mind control to keep its members under its thumb. It segregates them, so as to cut them off from all dissenting voices, and isolates them, so as to exclusively and exhaustively indoctrinate them. Once they are thoroughly brainwashed; that is, imprisoned to group think, no longer inclined to think for themselves, and coerced into mindlessly obeying ordered mandates, the cult’s inculcation process is complete. The cultists are now the cult’s captives, over whom cult leaders have obtained such absolute sway that they can mandate away!