September 22, 2021 @ 7:30 AM

Joe Biden warned the UN yesterday that the world is now at an "Inflection point" over a pair of perilsclimate change and the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, in the midst of a world unraveling at the seams and in the midst of an America going down for the count, both plagued by a plethora of pernicious perils, Biden picked out only two that demanded universal and expeditious action, lest our planet be wrecked and its populace wiped out. Of course, this pair of picked out perils by our president are the two progressive politicians preach in hopes of persuading people to voluntarily surrender their lives to their government's mandatory control. 


For years progressives have prophesied an impending doomsday over climate change. They've insisted that the only way to save our planet from becoming a smoldering ember and all of us from becoming charcoaled briquettes is for us to allow government to seize complete control of our lives, right down to the most minute details; such as, what kind of lightbulbs we can put in our living room lamps and what kind of cars we can park in our driveways. However. their planetary doomsday predictions have failed to persuade enough Americans to allow progressive politicians to exercise autocratic control over all of our lives. Then, progressive double-dealing wannabe despots received an ace up their sleeve, a gift from the Communist Chinese, the Wuhan virus. The coronavirus pandemic emboldened and enabled progressives to do what climate change never did; namely, to suspend our Constitution, to revoke our constitutional rights and freedoms, and to seize dictatorial control over our lives.


The panic porn propagated by our government over the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the American people into sheeple, successfully herding us into the corral of government coercion. By scaring us over the pandemic, our government has been able to persuade us to surrender to subjugation for our own salvation. If we'll just unquestionably believe and obey whatever our government dictates, then, we're promised to be delivered from the pandemic, as well as from the equally imperiling peril of climate change.


Don't be fooled by Joe Biden's monotone mumblings from his teleprompter monologue at the UN yesterday. Those who scripted what Joe said by typing it onto his teleprompter where certainly aware of the sinister intentions of their marionette's mouthed musings. They were calling upon the whole world, through their moronic mouthpiece, to surrender immediately to worldwide tyranny. Otherwise, our world's current "inflection point" will prove to be a point of no return. We will doom ourselves personally, as well as our posterity and planet, by refusing to become the willing drudges of our world's benevolent dictators.