October 1, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

Liberal elitists have been walking around with their noses in the air for years, peering down their long snooty schnozzles at the rest of us as their intellectual inferiors. Take Hillary Clinton for an example; she denounced dissenters to liberal indoctrination and her presidential inauguration as a “basket of deplorables.” Liberals’ cheeky conceit was on full display in a recent gubernatorial debate in Virginia, where the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, said out loud what liberals have believed for years; namely, that parental rights ought to be revoked when it comes to their children’s education. According to McAuliffe, parents should have no say so in the indoctrination of their posterity by progressive public school teachers, who, in McAuliffe’s mind, know better than parents what’s best for junior. This explains why Hillary Clinton, the princess of progressive pomposity, once proclaimed that it “takes a village” to raise children. Since supercilious liberals, like Clinton and McAuliffe, view parents as the village idiots, they oppose the upbringing of children by their own parents and demand that it be left to progressives, the village intellectuals.


The new liberal Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, who moved into Albany’s Governor’s Mansion after the eviction of the ultra-arrogant Andrew Cuomo, is raising progressive pretentiousness to an unprecedented pinnacled peak. According to her, liberals are now divines declaring divine dictates to all dummies dissenting from Democratic dogma. Unvaccinated Christians, according to Prophetess Hochul, aren’t listening to God, but are defying the Almighty by disobeying His divine command, “Thou must be vaccinated!” Consequently, Hochul has taken it upon herself to bring down the wrath of God on unvaccinated New Yorkers, demanding they be terminated from their jobs and made ineligible for unemployment benefits. In other words, New York’s new prophetess is preaching, “Thus saith the Lord: Immunization or starvation.” 


There is in this tapestry the terrifying threads of tyranny. While liberal elitists have always tried to persuade us to subjugate ourselves to them as our superiors, they are now demanding that we defer to them as our divines. Their hubris has truly reached blasphemous heights, from which they now peer down on us as our sovereign gods, whose every uttered oracle is to be unhesitatingly and utterly obeyed. Make no mistake about it; the bottom line here is not who educates your children or who is in charge of your personal healthcare. It’s gone far beyond these important things. Instead, it’s now a question of who is your Godliberals or the Lord Jesus Christ. Choose carefully, our country and your children’s future, as well as your immortal soul and eternal destiny, is dependent upon the choice you make. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, fear God alone, and bow before no one as our Lord and Savior, but Jesus Christ!