April 5, 2021 @ 6:30 AM

There is a valuable lesson our country could learn from its contemporary churches. Years ago, in order to tickle the tickling ears of its younger generation, many churches decided to transform themselves. They hoped to slow, if not to stop, the mass exodus of their children from their churches by making their churches more appealing and less appalling to their apostatizing progeny. Therefore, they turned worship services into rock concerts, children’s programs into amusement parks, preachers into motivational speakers, pastors into life coaches, the Christian profession into positive confession, and a lifetime of serious discipleship into a simple once in a lifetime decision. These churches actually lowered the bar of Christ’s Great Commission from making converts into disciples of Christ to persuading their children to make an off the cuff decision for Christ, which, they assured their children, would instantaneously make them a sho-in for Heaven, regardless of their offspring’s odious behavior and beliefs. 


Having slept at the switch for years, while their children not only succumbed to the mind control of progressive propagandists, but were also squeezed into the mold of a politically correct culture, these churches finally awoke to a horrible discovery. Their children had turned their backs on the faith of their fathers, becoming ardent antagonists rather than avid adherents. What, then, could these churches do to undo the loss of its younger generation? Unfortunately, they concluded that the only thing they could do was to redo their churches and to redefine church. Thus, they proceeded to remake themselves into something that no longer even resembled their former selves, not to mention, in no way could be defined as a true church of Jesus Christ. In the end, they fell prey to the most preposterous irony of all ironies. Their attempt to stop the exodus of their children from their churches actually resulted in the extinction of their churches.


Our country is now making the same cataclysmic mistake that was made by its contemporary churches. In order to placate its pampered posterity it is polishing itself off. We are condemning ourselves and everything we’ve ever stood for in order to cater to our spoiled children and to spare their fragile little feelings. God forbid that our country’s current crop of “Baby Hueys” feel the least little twinge of offense over some unacceptable word, contrary opinion, or unsatisfied personal whim. We must give the little darlings everything they demand, even if it means destroying everything in our land. Yet, just like its foolish contemporary churches, America is about to discover that it’s doing itself in by doing itself over for its little darlings, who will soon find themselves with no country at all, since its being done in by giving in to their every beck and call.