March 29, 2021 @ 6:20 AM

Our government has usurped the place of God, by declaring itself our Lord and Savior. In other words, it promises to be our savior if we’ll submit to its lordship. For instance, in order to deliver us from the dual dangers of climate change and the coronavirus, our government demands our unquestioning obedience to its dictates. Unfortunately, few Americans are aware of how our federal government has become a false god and how we’ve become idolaters by bending our knee to Washington DC. We’ve ceased to be one nation under God and become a godless nation under the iron-fist of a deified government.


The false religion of the false god of a defied state has obliterated the so-called separation of church and state, by turning the state into a false church. This state church has its clergy, its false prophets and priests. These state clerics are so-called scientists, who don themselves in the whole cloth of what is falsely called science, the diabolical deception of which Scripture clearly warns us about (1 Timothy 6:20 KJV). They preach false doctrines, such as evolution. They predict impending doomsdays, over such things as climate change and the coronavirus. Of course, the purpose in heralding these heresies is twofold. First, they want to deny the existence of God, by deceiving people into believing that there is no intelligent Creator or Designer behind an intricately designed and detailed creation. Second, once they’ve tricked us into erroneously believing in evolution, they want to terrorize us, with the twin terrors of climate change and the coronavirus, into trusting a tyrannical government as the sole savior of our planet and its populace.


The “infallible” sacred text of state church apostasy is the so-called science being preached by today’s so-called scientists, who are universally hailed as unerring and inerrant. To dare to question their indubitable dogma is to prove oneself a dunce in the eyes of our modern-day world’s brainwashed masses. Anyone daring to question the ex cathedral pronouncements of our state church’s scientific popes is not only immediately denounced as a science denying Neanderthal, but also as a menace to all humanity, since their idiocy imperils not only public safety, during a time of pandemic, but also the very survival of our planet, which is doomed to soon become a smoldering ember if we do not hand over minute control of our lives to state church liege lords clad in lab coats. 


As becomes quite evident, in the light of our present-day predicament, the Christian church is headed into impending and unprecedented persecution. A tyrannical state, along with its tyrannized subjects, who’ve been snookered into subjugation by the state’s false teachers—its scientific sages and seers—will soon unleash pitiless persecution against all who bow their knee to Christ rather than to Caesar. Seeing Christians as a very real and present danger to the survival of all humanity, America is being transformed by its “Christianophobia” into an antichrist country, which is convinced that its salvation is contingent upon the liquidation of the Christian church. Therefore, America’s Christians suddenly find themselves personally posed with a most pertinent and pressing question; namely, “Am I prepared to faithfully endure for Christ the inevitable persecution about to befall me?”