November 13, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

The cloak and dagger of socialists' draconian policies is so-called science. To get us to submit ourselves to despotism, Democrats demand that we "follow the science." Of course, true science is never dogmatic, claiming to be unchallengeable and commanding unquestionable compliance. When science is wielded to beat people into subjection it is no longer science. Instead, it has become the dogma of despots, who deploy it to rap over the knuckles anyone refusing to knuckle under.


The so-called science of climate change was once the preferred prod of progressives, used by them to persuade us to fasten on their fetters at the forfeiture of our freedoms. According to so-called climate science, climate change poses an existential threat to humanity’s existence. Therefore, if we don’t immediately surrender complete control of our lives to our government, we're told our planet will be reduced to a smoldering ember and all of us to little charcoaled briquettes. We are warned that we will either follow the science and freely subjugate ourselves to government subjugation or imperil our planet, our persons, and our posterity.


Despite the propagation of our world with the panic porn of climate change, not to mention placarding the world with climate change’s popular poster child, Greta Thunberg, the world never got scared or shamed enough to forfeit its freedoms, in order to forestall the forecasted incineration of the earth or to appease an aggrieved and autistic 18-year-old. Then, suddenly and surprisingly, climate change propagandists were handed something that could do what their propagation of climate change had failed to do; namely, frighten the world into forfeiting its freedoms.


The coronavirus pandemic proved to be a far more persuasive prod than climate change, when it came to persuading people to “follow the science”; that is, to forfeit their freedoms and freely subjugate themselves to their government. Out of fear of the coronavirus pandemic, the American people unbelievably allowed our government, under the guise of science, to suspend our Constitution, revoke our constitutional rights and freedoms, lock down our economy, lock us up in our houses, and shutdown our businesses, workplaces, schools and churches.


Progressives, who have learned, thanks to the pandemic, that a health crisis is a far more effective prod than a climate crisis in persuading people to freely fasten on their government’s fetters to the forfeiture of their own personal freedoms, are now trying to sell climate change as a health crisis. For instance, a Canadian doctor has just diagnosed a patient in British Columbia as suffering from “climate change.” According to this emergency room physician, his patient’s worsening asthma has been caused by heatwaves and wildfires, which this quack further diagnosed as attributable to climate change.


Climate change, just like the coronavirus, is now being diagnosed as a health crisis. This means that governments must implement the same draconian policies to save us from climate change that they’ve implemented to save us from the coronavirus. In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for this very thing. According to him, we need to segue COVID lockdowns into “climate lockdowns,” in order to revoke freedom, restrict travel, lessen energy consumption, and cutdown on greenhouse emissions. 


You need to wake-up to the fact that “follow the science” is code for government control. Whenever you hear “follow the science,” you need to realize what it really means. It means do what you’re told, without hesitancy and without question. Granted, if you fail to do so, you’ll be readily and roundly condemned as a science denier, a government subversive, and a danger to all Homo sapiens. However, if you do, you’ll no longer be free, but under the tyrannical control of a government that has snookered you into subjugation under the smoke screen of so-called science.