November 5, 2021 @ 7:15 AM

To many he is either potentially or presently the most dangerous man in the world. Some even go so far as to suspect that he is “the Antichrist,” the ruler of a spirit of antichrist possessed planet during the perilous times of its last days. Yet, to others, especially this earth’s most exclusive elitists, he is a humanitarian visionary, who has envisioned a brave new world, which will transform our troubled terrestrial sphere into a paradisiacal planet.


Who is Klaus Schwab, the shadowy and mysterious figure behind the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is arguably this fallen world’s most powerful and ominous obfuscatory entity? As Anthony P. Mueller, a professor of economics, has warned, “The main thrust of [Schwab’s WEF] is global control.” John Mac Ghlionn, a writer for Townhall, echoed the good professor, when he penned the following: “The writing is very much on the wall, and it reads: Obey your Master. One could argue that master’s name is Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.”


Klaus Schwab was born on March 30, 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany, a town infamous for its antisemitism. He was a child of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, whose father was not only a Nazi collaborator, but also managed a company that won the “National Socialist Model Company” award for its manufacturing of weapons of war and basic armaments. The company, Escher-Wyss, was even suspected by Western military intelligence of complicity with the Nazis in their atomic bomb program. No wonder investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore questions whether Klaus Schwab is really trying to create the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as Schwab claims, or the Fourth Reich, as Vedmore suspects.


Being a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, partially, if not mostly or totally, accounts for Schwab’s frightening fascism—his belief that the world’s fabulously wealthy one-percenters should usurp sovereign control over the whole world. Having little need, if any, for national loyalty, our world’s fabulously fortuned and foremost financiers are unfettered by nationalism, perfectly fitted for globalism, and free to exclusively focus on the betterment and stability of the whole world, not just on what’s best for their particular and personal homelands. As Schwab vehemently argues, nation states, along with their independent governments, have proved themselves to be both antiquated and inadequate. Therefore, this world’s countries must be replaced by its wealthiest corporations who will comprise a United Nations-like one world government that will subjugate the entire earth by means of economic control, which, in essence, will amount to the control of all means to all ends.


On January 21, 1971, Klaus Schwab founded the European Management Forum. In 1987, the European Management Forum became the WEF. Since then, the WEF has evolved into this planet’s premier think tank for globalist conspirators. 


Schwab and his WEF coconspirators hold an acclaimed annual conclave in Davos, Switzerland. Here, each year, they plan the “Great Reset”; that is, they scheme to redesign the world into their own image. First, they plot to reduce all nation states to rubble, especially America, which all Davos disciples deem to be the chief deterrent to their globalist designs. Then, they devise both means and methods by which they will raise from the rubble, especially the ruins of America, their long dreamed of New World Order, which they are confidently convinced will transform this troubled terrestrial sphere into a paradisiacal planet by putting it in under their complete control.


Perhaps, you’ve heard the oft repeated refrain, “Democracy dies in darkness.” What you might want to seriously consider, however, is what John Mac Ghlionn has suggested, that democracy won’t die in darkness, but in Davos. Truly, democracy’s assassin may very well prove to be the “Davos man.”


Dismissing Davos devotees and Schwab’s globalist coconspirators as a bunch of essential oils swabbing and yoga meditating millennials, who temporally leave their parents’ basement for an annual pilgrimage to a Alpine resort would be a serious mistake on your part. A list of the followers of the WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab, is a virtual who’s who of world leaders, financiers, entertainers and media moguls. Furthermore, the far reaching tentacles of the WEF are stretching around our globe and increasingly tightening their death grip on Western Civilization, in an attempt to asphyxiate America, its bulwark, and Christianity, its begetter.


You’ve undoubtedly observed President Biden unfurl time after time his well-worn banner “Build Back Better” over his radical progressive political agenda, which is demonstrably destroying everything our country has ever stood for or believed in. Are you aware, however, that Biden’s presidential motto neither originated with him, his campaign, nor his administration? Instead, Biden’s catchphrase was actually coined by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF. Furthermore, it has been used, since coined by Schwab, by other world leaders, not just Biden, who, like Biden, are in total agreement with Schwab’s “Great Reset” agenda. For instance, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has trumpeted it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acclaimed it, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ballyhooed it. At this year’s G7 Summit, Boris Johnson proudly proclaimed that he, President Biden, and their globalist counterparts were all determined to build a better world by building back better, greener, fairer, more equal, more gender neutral and in a more feminine way.


Up until the Wuhan Chinese virus gave them an ace up their sleeve, the WEF’s trump card, which they repeatedly played in an attempt to get the world to fold and cash in its chips to them, was climate change. Over and over again, they warned the world of the existential threat to humanity’s existence posed by this greatest of all global threatening nemeses, which they portrayed as the Sword of Damocles suspended over our terrestrial sphere. If all people everywhere refused to surrender complete control of their lives to the dictators of Davos, then, the dire warning of Davos’ doomsday prophets would inevitably ensue. Our planet would be reduced to a smoldering ember and all of its inhabitants to little charcoaled briquettes.


Despite the perpetual panic porn published by the WEF and its placarding of the world with its popular poster child for climate change, Greta Thunberg, the world never got scared or shamed enough to forfeit its freedoms, in order to forestall the forecasted incineration of the earth or to appease an aggrieved and autistic 18-year-old. Then, suddenly and surprisingly, at least to the world, the communist Chinese handed the WEF something that could do what climate change had failed to do; namely, frighten the world into forfeiting its freedoms. 


When the coronavirus pandemic was unleashed on the world by China’s Wuhan Virology Institute, Kluas Schwab immediately seized the opportunity posed by the pandemic to propose scaring the population of this planet into subjugation. Schwab boldly declared, “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future!” Notice, Schwab proudly and publicly proclaimed the pandemic to be the perfect opportunity to reset or redesign our world into the WEF’s long envisioned New World Order. As Schwab additionally opined, he saw the pandemic as providing a “historical moment” to “shape [a new world] system,” which can eliminate the current world system’s “fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion, and equality.”     


I, like many others, find it both suspicious and intriguing that the WEF, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, held a pandemic simulation event just six weeks prior to the coronavirus pandemic breakout. The event, known as Event 2020, was advertised as a “high-level pandemic exercise.” The participants were all invited to attend by the world’s richest and most powerful elites. The purpose of the event was to plan a global response to a deadly pandemic. That this event was planned just six weeks prior to the actual breakout of the Wuhan virus has been fittingly called “one hell of a coincidence.” I can’t help but concur. 


Despite the superior success of the pandemic to subjugate the planet, the WEF has not surrendered or given up on its use of climate change, its initial coercive means to its world controlling ends. It is still mightily wielding it in our world. For instance, realizing the peril that illegal immigration poses to our representative republic, which the WEF believes must be buried before their brave New World Order can be born, the WEF advocates that people displaced by climate change from other countries be deported to America. In addition, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a true Schwab toady and Davos disciple, has preposed that the same tyrannical tactics employed to combat COVID-19 be employed to combat climate change. For example, Trudeau suggest segueing COVID lockdowns into “climate lockdowns,” in order to revoke freedom, restrict travel, lessen energy consumption, and cutdown on greenhouse emissions.


In 2019, Time magazine published an issue with a cover picture of Klaus Schwab with a robot. The issue was entitled, “Your Move, Humans.” It contained articles by prominent Davos devotees, like Justin Trudeau and Al Gore. The articles explained how a key, as well as most disconcerting element of the WEF’s agenda, is the fusion of man and machine. This fusion, which now involves mandating the injecting or implanting of a digital ID, is intended to create what some have called “a health dictatorship.” By requiring a digital ID as a health passport, worldwide surveillance and contact tracing of every human being on planet earth will be made possible. Of course, the express purpose of it all is the subjugation of all people to the tyrannical control of the WEF’s long dreamed of New World Order.


The Apostle Peter warned us that in the last days scoffers would come who would laugh off the real end of time, because of the doomsday prophets of previous generations who mistakenly proclaimed the end of time in their time (2 Peter 3:3-4). Yet, never before in the history of the world have all of the Biblically predicted signs of the times ever manifested themselves in a present generation, as is presently, not to mention, positively the case. For instance, we find ourselves in a world today, unlike all previous generations, where knowledge is so increased (Daniel 12:4) that a one world government could easily employ worldwide surveillance and contact tracing to keep every human being in line with its draconian policies and under its tyrannical lordship. Furthermore, in light of today’s ever-increasing vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, along with the increasing call for an injected or implanted Digital ID, to additionally assure public safety, it’s suddenly easy to see, for the first time in the history of the world, how a tyrannical one world government could keep you from buying and selling if you refuse to bow before it and bear its mandated mark (Revelation 13:16-18).


That the WEF is a demonically possessed entity with devilish designs is easily discernible. What role it will play in the Biblically predicted end-time scenario remains to be seen. One thing for sure, however, it serves, despite the scoffing of end-time scoffers, as one of a plethora of present-day incontrovertible proofs that the end of all things has come upon us (1 Peter 1:4). Therefore, as Peter exhorts, it’s time for us to seriously watch and pray, lest, as Paul warned, we be overtaken by the coming darkness (1 Thessalonians 5:4)!