November 30, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Science has long known that over prescribing antibiotics results in bacterial infections morphing into antibiotic resistant variants. Likewise, many of the world’s most reputable scientists have argued, contrary to Anthony Fauci—the self-appointed infallible spokesman of the whole scientific community—that mass vaccinations in the midst of a viral pandemic will result in the morphing of the virus into vaccine resistant variants. Contrary to the infallible Fauci, the Delta variant has confirmed the argument of Fauci’s critics. Fauci himself has been forced to admit that the fully vaccinated can still contract the virus, spread it to others, end up in the hospital, and even die from it, as did former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell


The good news, according to those scientists who have not sold their souls to Anthony Fauci, who claims to be the omniscient human embodiment of science itself, is that variants of bacterial or viral infections tend to become less severe, for the purpose of their own survival. After all, they can’t survive if they kill off their host. The new Omicron variant, like the Delta variant, appears to be proving what other scientists are saying, not what our medical monocrat, Dr. Fauci, is mandating. For instance, according to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association, the Omnicron variant appears to be “extremely mild,” with milder symptoms and a shorter duration. Therefore, Dr. Coetzee calls the spreading planetary panic over this new variant of the COVID pandemic “a storm in a teacup.”


Flip-flopping Fauci, whose self-contradictions are now too numerous to count, is flip-flopping again. Just a few hours after Fauci publicly stated that there was no need for a travel ban from South African, where the Omicron variant originated, President Biden imposed a travel ban, stating that he did so at the advice of Fauci. This, along with a profusion of other incontrovertible evidence, such as his recent insinuation that Senator Ted Cruz should be prosecuted over the January 6th Capital riot, proves that Fauci’s prescriptions and prognoses are far more political than the good physician would ever care to admit. 


It’s high time that all Americans woke up to an irrefutable fact, despite the fact that it’s most disconcerting. Progressives have finally found the ace up their sleeve for which they’ve long looked. Having failed to scare the world into subservience to themselves over their climate change scare tactics, progressives have learned, thanks to COVID-19, that they can push the world into subservience to their repressive authoritarianism and radical agenda by panicking its populace over a pandemic. Therefore, every new variant, no matter how mild, will be proposed by progressives, as well as by their medical mouthpiece, Anthony Fauci, as a legitimate reason for world-wide panic and the world’s unquestioning compliance to progressives’ every command.         


Do you remember how Satan, after failing to turn Job against God over the loss of Job’s possessions, argued that men will forfeit anything, even their faith in God, if their health and lives are threatened? Well, we now know from where present-day progressives are getting their inspiration. They’ve stumbled onto Satan’s strategy and learned that under the threat of a worldwide pandemic they can frighten people not only into forfeiting their freedoms, but also into forsaking their faith in God. Mistaking modern-day progressives as our sole saviors from COVID-19 and its multiplying mutations results in our manipulatability and progressives’ masterdom over us. As Revelation 12:11 teaches us, the only way to overcome this masterful strategy of Satan, as well as the masterdom of his modern-day minions, political progressives, is for us to love not our lives unto death. In other words, to bravely choose, regardless of consequence, even the possible cost of our own lives, to be free and faithful to God! 


When faced with the choice between freedom and tyranny, Patrick Henry courageously declared at a Virginia Convention prior to the Revolutionary War the following famous words, which we would all do well to take to heart today: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”