January 16, 2021 @ 6:30 AM

Recently, I’ve been asked repeatedly about the COVID-19 vaccine, which has prompted this post. Before penning what I believe to be verifiable, I want to admit that it is hard to get to the bottom of anything in today’s upside down world. For instance, our government, as well as our mainstream media and social media, especially our social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, are about as trustworthy as an arsonist with a flamethrower. Digging out the truth from today’s dumpster of compacted lies is a difficult task indeed.


To begin with, let me dismiss concerns that the current vaccine is the Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast. While it is possible, even probable, that a future vaccine for this virus or another will include digital ID for tracking purposes and be made mandatory by our government for the conducting of personal business in public, such as buying and selling, the current coronavirus vaccine neither includes digital ID nor is being government mandated. However, if and when this changes, Christians will have good reason to fear that a vaccine, with digital ID for tracking purposes, which is required by law as a license for conducting personal business in public, is indeed the Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast.


Although the current coronavirus vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, there is still plenty of reasons for you to hesitate before rolling up your sleeve to be injected with it. For instance, the vaccine was developed with DNA from fetal tissue of aborted babies. The Astra-Zeneca vaccine, for example, was developed from both the lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted male fetus and from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture taken from an aborted female fetus. Now, what I’ve not be able to get to the bottom of is whether or not the current vaccine still contains DNA from fetal tissue of aborted babies or a replication of it. Still, it was definitely developed with it, which means Christians must climb over their consciences and sanctity of human life convictions before rolling up their sleeve to be vaccinated.


Another thing not being communicated to the public about this vaccine is that it is different from any other vaccine ever injected into human beings. It contains foreign DNA, which our immune system would automatically attack the moment it is injected into us, were it not for the fact that the vaccine also contains nanoparticles that coat and camouflage the vaccine’s foreign DNA from our immune system. Now, no one knows what the effects, especially long term effects, of injecting foreign DNA into our DNA will have on us, which probably explains why Astra-Zenecka is seeking to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool that can track all of the adverse reactions recipients will end up having to their vaccine. Apparently, Astra-Zenecka is expecting so many side effects from their vaccine that it will be impossible to humanly analyze, without the aid of Artificial Intelligence.


In the past, many, if not most physicians, refused to recommend new vaccines to their patients, until they had been on the market for at least a year or two. This way, doctors assured themselves of no long term debilitating side effects to their patients. However, this vaccine, unlike all others, is being unhesitatingly and almost universally recommended by medical professionals, despite the fact that it has been developed, tested, certified, and rolled out at “warp speed,” as our president likes to boast. Ironically, at the same time the medical community is recommending the vaccine to us, many within it are refusing the vaccine themselves.


We’ve all seen videos of people collapsing after receiving the vaccine, as well as heard reports of people having severe reactions to it. We’re now being told, even by Dr. Fauci, that the dosage of the initial injection of the vaccine should have been half of what those immunized thus far have received. In addition to all of this, there are questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. How really effective is it? How long does it provide immunity? Does it provide any protection at all from new strains of the virus now being reported in our world and country? 


In light of all of the above, one is forced to ask if getting this vaccine for a virus, which arguably has a 99.6% cure rate, is really worth the risk. While I can’t answer for you, my answer is, “No!”