January 13, 2021 @ 6:30 AM

It is no coincidence that Christ was crucified on Golgotha—the Place of the Skull. The Bible teaches us that the battlefield upon which the battle for our lives is fought is in our minds. For instance, the Bible teaches that it is stinking thinking and vain imaginations that keep men from a true knowledge of God, which explains why Scripture also exhorts Christians to bring their every thought into obedience to Christ, lest they be deceived in their minds into disobeying Christ in their lives (2 Corinthians 10:5). Truly, whoever or whatever controls our minds controls our lives.


Whatever we think to be so will effect our minds as if it were so, regardless of whether it's so or not. This is why the Bible teaches: "For as [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). The Bible isn't saying we can be anything we think, but only that whatever we think will definitely effect who we are and how we live. Illusions are not turned into realities by thinking them so, but thinking them so will have the same effect upon you, your beliefs and your behavior, as if they were so. For example, take a man who believes in a nonexistent treasure buried at a specific site. Will he not become a treasure hunter who spends his days digging up that site in search of a make-believe treasure?


Our adversary, the devil, is very much aware of the importance of capturing and controlling our thoughts. This explains the steady stream of stinking thinking that flows through our minds all the time. These contrary thoughts to Scripture, which appear verified by both our flesh and this fallen world, are actually a torrent of the tempter’s, which is intended by him to flood our minds, wash us off our feet, and wipe God’s truths from our thoughts. If the devil can usurp control of our minds with but a single deception in this daily deluge of deviousness, he can gain the ascendency in our lives and beguile us or bully us into doing his bidding.


To avoid being lorded over by a lie of the Father of Lies, Christians must keep their every thought lined up with the lordship of Jesus Christ. While we can’t keep Satan’s lies from flowing through our minds, we can refuse to reel them in, ruminate on them, and give them reign over us. We must discipline our minds to zero in on the thoughts of our Savior and the truths of Scripture, while at the same time zeroing out on the opposing and offsetting thoughts of Satan, lest we become obsessed with them rather than obedient to Christ.


Proof of the Master of Deception’s modus operandi is found in the foundational fundamental of occultism. Make no mistake about it; the Satanically inspired occult is based on the premise that spiritual entities can be harnessed and their powers confiscated to create desired realities by the sheer power of man’s thoughts or incantations. Interestingly, this same premise is found in the positive thinking and positive confession cult of America’s contemporary church. The only difference is that this apostasy in the church teaches the harnessing of God’s power, not demonic powers, to create desired realities by the sheer force of a Christian’s positive thinking or positive confession, instead of an occultist’s incantation. Still, both have the very same foundation and fountainhead; they are demonically inspired deceptions from the devil that deceive men into believing that they are, thanks to the power of their thoughts and tongue, captains of their own fate, capable of creating their own reality.


The hoof prints of Beelzebub are clearly seen all over the occult by many a modern-day churchgoer looking out through a stained-glass window. They are not so easily detected in the church itself, however, especially when it comes to the church’s own “name it and claim it” and “blab it and grab it” crowd. Still, the hoof prints of “Old Scratch” are no less to be found in the latter than in the former. Whereas the former may be readily seen as Satanic deception, the latter, unfortunately, is not so readily seen as Satan-inspired false doctrine—a blasphemous heresy that reduces Almighty God to a universal bellhop always available at the beck and call of pompous positivists to do their personal bidding. 


As much as the hoof prints of the devil are undetected in the positive thinking and positive confession cult of America’s contemporary church, they are even more undetected in our country’s present-day politics. What most Americans would be absolutely aghast at, but is abundantly apparent to the ever-shrinking remnant of America’s spiritually astute, is that our politics have become positively demon possessed. Yes, you heard me right; DEMON POSSESSED! How else can you explain modern-day politicians’ belief that sheer insanity is transformed into sane reality simply because they accept and acknowledge it to be so? Just like demon-inspired occultists and apostates, present-day politicians, especially progressives, believe truth is whatever they say it is, not what God says it is, as Jesus clearly taught (John 17:17). To them, truth is not objective, but subjective, a mere matter of their personal opinion. It has nothing to do with absolute facts, but can be formed and fashioned by aberrant fantasy into whatever they fancy it to be.


What, or perhaps we should say who, is the fountainhead of today’s political make-believers, in particularly progressive politicians who demand capitulation to their conjured up and personally customized imaginary reality? Is it not the Father of Lies, the same one behind demonically deceived occultists and apostates, who also believe fantasy becomes reality by the sheer force of our fancy? Truly, apart from dementia or psychosis, demon possession is the only explanation for the obvious insanity overtaking today’s America. Whereas we once defined insanity as losing touch with reality, we now define it as the replacement of reality, since plain reality is now disavowed for preferred insanity.  


Permit me in conclusion to return to where we started, namely, the battlefield of the mind. It is not only our personal lives, as we observed earlier, but our country and world as well, which will ultimately be controlled by whoever or whatever gains control over our thoughts. Satan, as proven by his discovered hoof prints in the occult, church apostasy, and present-day politics, knows the key to his power over us, both individually and collectively, is his power over our minds. Therefore, like Job’s wife; see Job 2:1-10, today’s Big Tech censors, mainstream media propagandists, and political fascists have no idea who is pulling their chain. Little do they know they’ve been spiritually snared and taken captive by the devil to do his will (2 Timothy 2:26). Unbeknownst to them, they’re being masterfully used by the devil to bring the whole world under his dominion by spreading his lies, suppressing God’s truth, suspending free speech, and silencing all dissenting voices.


The Bible foretells what we’re now seeing unfold right before our very eyes (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12). Strong delusion is sweeping us, both our Christ-rejecting country and world, away to damnation, because men have neither believed nor loved the truth, but preferred lies and took pleasure in unrighteousness. The whole world is being shown to be, as Scripture maintains, manifestly under the control of the evil one, who, with the help of his spiritual minions, Big Tech censors, mainstream media propagandists, and political fascists, is expeditiously extending his mastery over the world by means of ever-expanding mind control (1 John 5:19; 2 Corinthians 4:4). 


Before his death, the late Paul Weyrich, wrote a painfully honest letter to Christian conservatives. Weyrich, who cofounded The Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell, as well as personally coined the phrase, “Moral Majority,” admitted that the church’s political activism had proven ineffectual, that the culture war was lost, and that there was no moral majority in America. According to Weyrich, America is experiencing “a cultural collapse of historic proportions, a collapse so great that it simply overwhelms politics.”


Have you ever wondered why politics have proven so impotent to stem the tide of our country’s cultural collapse, a collapse into, what Paul Weyrich called, “a ever-wider sewer”? Why, pray tell, is present-day politics proving itself both feeble and futile when it comes to stopping or even slowing down the swift spread of end-time spiritual deception? I believe the clear answer to these questions is found in Ephesians 6:12, where the Apostle Paul teaches us that the real war we’re fighting is spiritual, not political. According to Paul, we’re not warring “against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places?” Our enemies are not political, but spiritual; they are not present-day politicians, but the spiritual powers behind them, who have taken possession of them as their pawns.


Whether you realize it or not, you find yourself today in the Biblically predicted end-time battle of the ages. If you and I are to rise up within it and valiantly fight for our lives and our families, as well as for the immortal souls of men, we’ll need to fight with mighty spiritual weapons from God, not with feeble, futile, and carnal ones (2 Corinthians 10:3-4). We simply can’t beat back the hordes of Hell with our ballots. Electing spiritually deceived Republicans to rescue us from spiritually depraved Democrats will do nothing to deliver us from Satan, who has taken both political parties captive to do his will. It’s time we forgot about the polling place and flew into our prayer closets. The only way for us to advance from here is on our knees; and it’s only on our knees that we’ll be able to stand in these perilous times of the last days (2 Timothy 3:1)!