January 17, 2021 @ 7:30 AM

As I posted yesterday, the current COVID-19 vaccine does not foot the bill for the Biblically predicted Mark of the Beast, but could if digital ID is ever added to it and the vaccine itself becomes mandated by our government. If digital ID is added to the vaccine for tracking purposes and the vaccine becomes required by law as a license for conducting personal business in public, then, it will definitely have taken on beastly characteristics. As the Bible predicts, all who refuse to bow before and prove their submission to the image of a sovereign, beastly, and antichrist state at the end of time, by receiving its mandated mark, will no longer be able to conduct personal business in public, such as buying and selling (Revelation 13:16-17).


I also posted yesterday that it is not only possible, but most probable, that either the coronavirus vaccine or a future vaccine for another pandemic will ultimately prove to be positively beastly. Well, no sooner was it said then reports began surfacing about how it was beginning to be done. According to Fox Business, Big Tech companies, like Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce, along with the health care industry, such as the Mayo Clinic, are working together with federal and state governments to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport, which will enable businesses, airlines, and governments to check to see whether or not individuals have received the vaccine. The digital passport will be made scannable from people’s cellphones and required for anyone to travel. What is far more disconcerting, however, is that the goal of this digital passport project, according to those spearheading it, is to protect us not only when we travel, but also at work, at school, and in all of life.


After being told by the Prophet Daniel that he was the “head of gold”—the king of the first great Gentile world power in human history—Nebuchadnezzar erected an image of gold to himself and his kingdom, before which he demanded all his subjects to bow in absolute submission (Daniel 2-3). The image, which was sixty cubits high and six cubits wide, was to be bowed to when six musical instruments were played. Truly, the three sixes of Daniel chapter three foreshadow the three sixes of Revelation chapter 13, serving as a forewarning of what’s to come at the end of time. Anyone refusing, at the sound of the music, to bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s image was destined to be thrown into a fiery furnace. In all the kingdom, only three Hebrews defied the king and ended up in the furnace. However, Christ was with them in their fiery trial, the only thing burned off of them in the fire was the ropes that bound them, and they emerged from the fiery furnace without even the slightest stench of smoke upon them. 


Can you hear the music? Although most people, even most Christians, are deaf to it, it is beginning to play in our present-day world. The world’s final and greatest world power is starting to demand, as Scripture predicts (Revelation 13), that its people all bow before and submit themselves to its absolute sovereignty over their lives. Anyone refusing to do so, as the Bible also predicts, is about to be thrown into fiery end-time tribulation. However, take heart dear Christian, for Christ will be with us in it, only the ropes that bind us will be burned off of us, and we will emerge from it, to receive an eternal reward for our faithfulness through in it, without even the slightest stench of smoke upon us.