September 7, 2020 @ 8:30 AM

There is no question of how quickly the Almighty pulled the rug out from under our God-forsaking America. The world’s most mighty nation was miniaturized over night by a microscopic pathogen. All of our idols were toppled in a trice. Money-making was moth-balled. Merrymaking was muted. All the stars swiftly fell from the silver screen. Our stupendous sports stadiums were suddenly emptied. Our cherished constitutional rights were abruptly suspended. And our democratic government rushed in to seize undemocratic control over our lives and livelihoods. All in all, we were a free people who went to sleep one night in a land of opulence and opportunity, only to awaken the next morning fettered and oppressed.


Having learned the speed with which our lives can go up in smoke, we now peer through the plume at a rapidly approaching day of reckoning. Election Day, November 3rd, may prove to be the day we finally pull the plug on America. Our nation, unbeknownst to most Americans, has been on life-support for sometime, thanks to several national scourges from which we’ve long suffered. With the prospect now looming of us pulling to pieces our bedrock electoral process in the upcoming presidential election, it’s not just possible, but probable that the America we’ve all known is about to disappear, never to be seen again.


Many of us remember the contested Bush v. Gore presidential election of 2000. There were hanging chads, dimpled ballots, teams of lawyers, and a constitutional crisis. It ended with a decision by gavel-pounding Supreme Court Justices, not with a decision by ballot-wielding voters. Yet, as potentially imperiling as it was to our constitutional form of government, it pales in comparison to the impending and inevitable catastrophe of our upcoming presidential election.


We already know how Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in 2016 turned Democrats into perennial sore losers. Ever since, they’ve stooped to anything and stopped at nothing to nullify the votes and voices of 63 million Americans and to undermine the administration of a duly elected president. Therefore, it’s truly unimaginable that these perennial sore losers and provocative underminers of democracy will go away peacefully into the night if Joe Biden suffers the same fate at the polls in 2020 that Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Indeed, Clinton has already called upon Biden to “not concede” defeat in this year’s presidential election “under any circumstances,” which obviously includes an electoral evisceration at the hands of American voters. 


According to Hillary Clinton, this year’s presidential election “is going to drag out,” thanks to mail-in voter fraud, which Democrats are indiscriminately demanding as the only option for paranoid voters who are too petrified to go to the polls during a time of pandemic. Mrs. Clinton, believe it or not, actually has the cheek to audaciously assure Mr. Biden that he “will win if [Democrats] don’t give an inch.” In other words, if Democrats refuse to concede, enough votes, fair or fraudulent, will eventually be found to put Joe, legitimately or illegitimately, into the Oval Office. 


In the event that they’re unsuccessful in their scheme to steal the presidency, Democrats have a pugnacious plan B. They intend to overthrown the presidency. Their “brown shirts,” in the form of Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter militants, are already “goose stepping” through the streets of America, demanding that all Americans bend the knee to their every demand, or else! It was Winston Churchill who warned us, “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” As Churchill predicted, Antifa, which is short for “anti-fascists,” are actually fascists—domestic terrorists threatening us with violence if we fail to knuckle under to their every ultimatum. Yet, Democrats defiantly depict Antifa anarchists, as well as Black Lives Matter militants, as social justice warriors rather than what they really are—fascist thugs serving as storm troopers for today’s Democratic Party.    


Do you remember the absurd inaccuracies of the 2016 presidential election polls? They all predicted that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency and that Donald Trump didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Yet, we awakened the day after the election to discover that the polls were all wrong, we didn’t have our first woman president, and the snowball had somehow snowballed its way through hell and into the White House. Well, once again the polls are assuring us that the snowball (Trump) is melting in a fiery hell and that the shoo-in (Biden) is a sure bet to win the White House.


I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe that the majority of Americans favor a man for the presidency who is obviously cognitively impaired. It might be true, in which case America’s real problem will not prove to be the election of a cognitively impaired president, but of a mentally impaired people who elected him to the presidency. Still, whether or not the 2020 presidential election polls prove to be as absurdly inaccurate as those in 2016, they will serve as Democrats’ “proof” of a fraudulent election in the event that Donald Trump is reelected to the presidency. Consequently, these unprovable polls will provide Democrats with all of the fodder and fuel they’ll need to set our country on fire, in the event the American electorate fails to punch their presidential ticket .


The fact that Democrats are now threatening all Trump voters with violence is indisputable. For instance, a recent editorial in the Washington Post warns Americans to prepare for war. According to the Post’s piece, the only way to prevent war from breaking out in America is for Americans to show up at the polls and vote Joe Biden into the presidency by a landslide! Nothing short of a Biden landslide, the Post predicts, can prevent the plunging of our republic into a bloody civil war. No wonder Joe Biden has begun to warn all Americans, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t safe!” 


Democrats incessantly insinuate that Donald Trump is instigating the sweeping violence in America today, when, in reality, they are inciting it as a means of extorting the American electorate. Joe Biden’s question to voters, “Are you safe in Trump’s America?” is most disingenuous. Biden knows you’re not, since the Democratic Party’s attack dogs, such as Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter militants, will not be called off until Trump is publicly impaled, his supporters progressively indoctrinated, and Democrats installed as our tinpot dictators.


In order to save America from them, Democrats insist that we surrender America to them. If we are truly patriotic, we’ll punch our ballots for Biden; otherwise, we’ll imperil our representative republic at the polls by selfishly favoring Trump over societal tranquility. This poorly concealed blackmail threat is nothing more than political extortion by our country’s largest political party. Make no mistake about it; you’re being threatened! If Trump wins reelection, the radical Left, will declare war on America, as they’re already guaranteeing us. 


If we stopped here, the prospects for our country surviving this November’s presidential election would be bleak enough, but there’s ample reason to paint our prospects bleaker still. President Trump has publicly stated that there is no possibility of him failing to win reelection this November, unless it is stolen from him by mail-in voter fraud. That there is a plethora of potential problems with an unprecedented mail-in presidential election, as well as innumerable ways to interfere with its integrity, should be easily detected by any fair-minded person. We’ve already witnessed, during the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of mail-in ballots being discounted or disqualified in both local and state primary elections. For instance, one out of every four mail-in ballots was thrown out in a primary election this year in New York City. Reports of ballots being mailed to the dead and lost in the mail are coming in from everywhere; and in West Virginia, a local mail carrier has been indicted for tampered with the mail-in ballots on his mail route. All of this certainly provides President Trump, as he has publicly proclaimed, justifiable grounds upon which to contest Biden’s prevailing at the polls in November, regardless of whether Biden prevails by a hair’s breath or wins a airtight victory. 


In addition to the above, there is the fearful prospect that the Democrats’ promised war on America over their losing of the presidency twice to Donald Trump will precipitate Trump’s imposition of Martial Law; that is, military rule, in order to squelch violent rioting spreading throughout the country. Just as we suddenly found ourselves under the iron fist of Big Brother, over a microscopic pathogen—the coronavirus—we could soon and suddenly find ourselves living in a police state. Of course, our beloved and benevolent Uncle Sam, will once again assure us that it’s only for our protection.


As any astute American can clearly see, we’re headed for unchartered waters on November 3rd, waters which very well may sink our ship of state once and for all. With both sides poised to protest election results, and neither wiling to concede defeat, no matter what, there is no possibility of a peaceful concession or a peaceful transfer of power. Where headed for war! Yes, November 3rd is shaping up as the day Americans will finally pull the plug on America. Prepare yourself! This is no drill; this is real!