September 23, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

Democrat billionaire Michal Bloomberg has given $16 million dollars to pay off the fines, court costs, and restitution fees of 32,000 convicted Florida felons. Bloomberg has shown such charity to these convicted criminals so that they can vote in our upcoming election. Obviously, and for a couple of good reasons, Bloomberg is counting on the criminal vote going to Democratic candidates. It's easy to see why these criminals, who've been bribed by a Democrat billionaire, will be so beholden to him as to punch their ballots for Democrats this November. Furthermore, seeing the Democrat Party as not only the benefactor of malefactors, but also as the foe of law enforcement and the friend of lawbreakers, what criminal wouldn't want to go to the polls and vote for their new partners in crime?


I guess we can no longer say crime doesn't pay, since it now pockets millions from the deep pockets of a Democrat billionaire. In addition, the billionaire's political party promotes bail funds that bail out of jail those incarcerated for committing serious crimes. For instance, a bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris, the Democrat's Vice Presidential candidate, recently bailed out of jail a man incarcerated for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl. In addition to turning crime into a paying proposition, Democrats have also shot to smithereens their argument that the voting rights of convicted felons should be restored once they've paid their debt to society, since Democrats, not the felons themselves, are now footing the bill for the felon's debt to society.


According to Florida law, it's a crime to attempt to persuade anyone in Florida to vote by providing them with anything of value. Undoubtedly, Bloomberg's bribing of convicted felons in hopes of getting them to vote should end up getting Bloomberg himself convicted of a felony. Don't hold your breath, however, it'll be a cold July in Key West before any Democrat is held accountable for their underhanded undermining of our electoral process. Instead, they, along with their cohorts in the media, will continue to point the finger at their political opponents as the perpetrators of what they themselves are impertinently perpetrating with indubitable immunity.


If you’re going to the polls to vote for Democrats in November, I can’t say you’ll be in good company. Furthermore, if you’re going to vote for Republicans, you might want to consider getting yourself a concealed weapon permit beforehand. Either way, you’ll want to be careful not to be accosted or assaulted, especially if you’re voting in a Democratic stronghold, where the police may be prohibited from protecting conscientious voters from criminal ones.