September 25, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

For years, I've been convinced, by Scripture, that our country would lead this fallen world in its final and biblically predicted all-out-war on Christ and His church. My position, though dismissed as absurd by American evangelicals, is easily proven by a proper interpretation of Bible prophecy. In fact, though I hesitate to say it, for fear of being accused of hubris, I believe it's biblically irrefutable! While many have taken me to task over the years for my interpretation of Bible prophecy, no one has ever been able to refute it with the Bible. Indeed, not a solitary scriptural dent has ever been made in it by a single verse of Scripture shot at me from the smoking “pistols” of my protesting detractors.


At the same time my fellow Christians and countrymen have been chuckling at me, our so-called Christian country has become increasingly antichrist, as well as antisemitic, even to the point of open hostility toward both Christians and Jews. Christianity, which was once championed in our land as indispensable, is now roundly and readily condemned as intolerance. Laws, such as Congress' recently passed Equity Act, would, for all practical purposes, outlaw Christianity in America. The only thing presently preventing this passed congressional legislation from criminalizing our Christian Fatih is a Republican president in the White House and a slim Republican majority in the Senate. Yes, Christianity is currently hanging by so thin an thread in today’s Christ-rejecting and God-forsaken America.


To fulfill its God ordained and biblically predicted end-time role, America must topple into tyranny. For a long time, I've been a wide-eyed watchman watching for the invisible hand of divine providence to remold our representative republic into a totalitarian state. After all, it's only an autocratic America, not a democratic America, that can be cast by the Almighty to play the biblically predicted part of the beast in the divinely predestined perilous times of the last days. While I've suspected it would occur overtime, with present-day progressives incrementally gaining power over our lives through a plethora of ruses, such as economic equality and climate change, I was shocked and surprised this past March to witness it swiftly occurring overnight.


In one fell swoop, our government abruptly suspended our constitutional rights and freedoms, as well as shuttered our churches and seized control over our lives and livelihoods. What was even more amazing than our government’s sudden seizure of tyrannical power, however, was the eery silence of the American people. Hardly a peep of protest was heard from any quarter. Being so panic-stricken over the coronavirus pandemic, thanks in no small part to a panic-mongering media, the American people  unhesitatingly subjected themselves to their government as their savior. Undoubtedly, this substituting of government for God in our lives and land is a trial run for what’s to come. Now that we’re acclimated to authoritarianism we will be far more amendable to it in the future; that is, more prone to pledge our allegiance to our government rather than to our God. 


If we stopped at this point, the future of our country would already be proven to be most foreboding. Yet, our country’s future is made far more frightening by the possibility of our upcoming presidential election ending in an unprecedented and catastrophic disaster.


We already know, though many Americans may refuse to admit it, because of their prejudiced political persuasion, that Democrats will stoop to anything and stop at nothing to seize and exercise dictatorial power. For instance, they’ve not only incessantly attempted to use their congressional majority to nullify our last presidential election, by illegally and illegitimately invoking the House’s impeachment powers, but they’ve now vowed to never concede, under any circumstances, our upcoming presidential election. To prove the inflexibility of their publicly avowed intention, they’ve already hired an army of lawyers to endlessly fight out in court what should be easily figured out at the polls. 


Along with denying any possibility of them losing the upcoming presidential election, Democrats are also promising draconian measures that will assure them of victory in all future presidential elections. For instance, they’re promoting voting by unsolicited mail-in ballots, promising to do away with the Electoral College, and pushing not only to lower the voting age to sixteen, but to give the right to vote to illegal immigrants. In addition to paving the way to possess unending power with their promised draconian measures, Democrats are also promising to use them to clear the way to practice unchecked power. For instance, they’re promising to pack the Supreme Court, so it can serve as a rubber stamp to their radical agenda, to grant statehood to the District of Columbia and to Puerto Rico, in order to increase the number of Democrats serving in Congress, and to do away with the Senate filibuster, so the Republican side of the political aisle will be both squelched and silenced.


If all else fails, Democrats have even went so far as to vow to burn down our whole governmental system, so that they can rise from America’s ashes and assume an authoritarian rule over America’s ruins. Truly, there is no appeasing of these unappeasable autocrats who are hell-bent on ruling over us with an iron-fist. We are left, therefore, with only two options: we can rightfully fight them or forfeit all of our inalienable rights to them! Still, even if we choose to fight, we’ll find ourselves inevitably under governmental control, since the only remedy to Democrats’ militancy will be Martial Law—military rule.


If Democrats refuse to concede November’s presidential election by prolonging vote counting through the courts, until their desired outcome is declared by judges on courthouse benches rather than by voters on polling place ballots, then, there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that Donald Trump will peacefully transfer power to Joe Biden, his court appointed presidential successor. Indeed, there is little likelihood that Trump will do so even if Biden is declared the winner by election officials rather than by a judicial oligarchy, since Trump has already publicly stated the impossibility of him losing reelection apart from mail-in voter fraud. In other words, Trump believes a fair election will be proven by him winning and a fraudulent one by him losing. So much for an election concession by Biden or a peaceful transfer of power by Trump. We’re headed for an inevitable civil war, as well as inescapable tyranny, one way or the other, either by political mutiny or imposed Martial Law.


Needless to say, I’m no longer wondering how tyranny will come to America. We have truly painted ourselves into tyranny’s corner better than any country ever has in the history of the world. There’s the triple threat of a potential new outbreak of the coronavirus this fall, the possibility of Joe Biden being elected president and his political party voted into majority control of both houses of Congress, in which case they will proceed to assure themselves of both perennial and tyrannical power by finally enacting all of their long threatened draconian measures, or of Donald Trump invoking Martial Law and putting us all under military rule. While some may see the latter as the lesser of these of evils, permit me to remind you of the last time dictatorial power was given to a national leader in order to save a nation from ruin under the perceived treachery of its liberal leaders. The year was 1933, the nation was Germany, Germany’s perceived ruinous liberal leaders were members of its Weimar Government, and the man given dictatorial power to save Germany from being ruined by its liberal socialists was Adolf Hitler, who promised to make Germany great again! 


In the book of Revelation, we are taught that its end-time predictions are not only inevitable, but that they will also come to pass expeditiously (Revelation 1:1; 22:6). In other words, they can neither be stopped nor slowed, once started, in their sudden and swift occurrence. In addition, our Lord Himself warns us that once our fallen world free falls into its downward spiral into Revelation’s predicted end-time scenario, we can count on Him to come quickly (Revelation 3:11; 22:7, 22). It’s time to strap yourself in, because, as the Apostle John declared, “it is the last time” (1 John 2:18). You are about to see the biblically predicted and divinely preordained grand finale of planet earth played out swiftly right before your very eyes. Are you prepared for it, as well as for our Lord’s soon return. If not, your time to prepare is swiftly running out!