September 22, 2020 @ 10:30 AM

There is certainly no scarcity of ironies in today’s irony infused America. Here’s a couple of outlandish ironies of ironies found in our country’s current fracas over the Supreme Court, which has been incited by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and President Trump’s vow to replace her before November’s presidential election. 


First, Democrats, who have imposed their radical agenda upon us for years by judicial fiat, are demanding that the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of their most iconic judicial despots, be postponed until after November's presidential election, in order to give voters a say-so in Ginsburg's replacement. While they've used judges' gavels to force their radical agenda down out throats for years, like in 2015, when Ginsburg and four of her Supreme Court colleagues legalized same-sex marriage by striking down all state bans against it, which had been passed by millions of American voters, Democrats are suddenly insisting upon voters having a say-so. 


If you listen carefully to what Democrats are saying, which most Americans don’t care to do, you'll discover that all they really care about is continuing a judicial oligarchy that rubber-stamps their radical agenda and overrules our votes and voices, which explains why they're now threatening to pack the Supreme Court in the future if Donald Trump dares to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg before November. Make no mistake about it; Democrats will stop at nothing to keep us all under the gavels of iron-fisted judicial despots! 


Much is being made of how both Democrats and Republicans are saying the opposite about Trump replacing Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg in 2020 to what they said back in 2016, when Obama attempted to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia. However, hypocrisy is the currency of modern-day politics. As it's been acutely observed, if it wasn't for double-standards, our modern-day politicians wouldn't have any standards at all.


Democrats, as well as their colleagues in the media and the Never Trump Movement, demand that Republicans abide by Senate “norms," such as the one established by Mitch McConnell in 2016, when he refused to vote on Obama's Supreme Court nominee in the face of an upcoming presidential election. In other words, the Senate is supposedly bound by the precedent of its most previous practice. Herein lies our second irony of ironies!


The truth is; the Senate is supposed to follow the Constitution of the United States, not it's own made-up precepts, precedents, and practices. For instance, according to the Constitution, the Senate’s job in regards to Supreme Court nominees is to simply advise and consent, period. Likewise, the Supreme Court is suppose to follow the Constitution of the United States, not its own made up precepts, precedents and practices. However, for years our High Court has been reinterpreting the Constitution and making-up constitutional rights out of whole cloth. Tragically, in today's America, neither our Senate nor our Supreme Court follows our Constitution. Instead, they countermand our Constitution with their own made-up precepts, precedents, and practices. As a consequence, we’ve become a country ruled by lawyers rather than by laws!