September 30, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

If you weren’t convinced of the dire and desperate straits we find ourselves in today, last night’s presidential debate should have proved it to you beyond the slightest scintilla of a doubt. While political partisans quickly proclaimed their preferred candidate had prevailed, there was no winner in last night’s debate, only a big loser—America! If Trump and Biden represent the cream of the crop, then it’s safe to say that our present-day politics have certainly curdled, imperiling our whole republic by reducing us to the sustenance of the sour milk of this hind tit.


There were no travelers of the highroad in last night’s brawl of barbs, only low road trekkers transfixed on lowering the boom on one another. This televised verbal slugfest quickly deteriorated into such a torrent of simultaneous tongue lashings that one felt as though the slightest whisper of a single sensible syllable, if one was ever uttered, was completely drowned out by the sound of cascading cheap shots. 


Although Joe Biden is undoubtedly losing his marbles, he proved by his performance last night that he still retains a few of them. Nevertheless, showing you can still play a little with half a deck doesn’t qualify you for the Presidency of the United States of America—the most challenging job and powerful position in the world. Furthermore, asking voters to vote for you, while at the same time refusing to tell them what you’ll do if elected, as well as denying verified facts, by simply brushing them off as untrue, may ultimately prove to be a successful campaign strategy for Ole Joe, especially if a complicit media continues to let him get by with it, as Chris Wallace definitely did last night. 


When it comes to Chris Wallace, he certainly failed to be what he intended to be. Far from the invisible man of last night’s debate, Wallace, at times, appeared to be a third debater. In all fairness, however, one has to admit the difficulty, if not downright impossibility of Wallace’s task; namely, keeping a tight rein on two braying and stampeding jackasses.


Finally, when it comes to our president, last night was vintage Trump! He can’t, for the life of him, get over himself. He always breaks out all over everything. No matter the subject or its significance, Trump always succeeds in overshadowing it with himself. He always orchestrates every discussion into a symphony that ends up in a crescendo to himself—to how great he is and to what great things he has done. He seems incapable of discussing any issue on its own merits, but ever-determined to masterfully maneuver every discussion into a rousing and unapologetic doxology to himself.


If you believe that one of last night’s two vitriol spewers is the solution to our country’s woes, then, you are the epitome of what’s wrong with this country. Our problem is not Trump or Biden, but that we’ve lowered our sights so low as to look to the likes of them rather than to our Lord Jesus Christ—He who is altogether lovely—as America’s lone hope and Savior!