September 28, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

If medical science ever perfects brain transplants, the brains of Hollywood celebrities will be in great demand, since transplant patients will want brains that have never been used before. While it's plumb full of glitz and glitter, Hollywood is perfectly bereft of genius. Unfortunately, the asinine assertions of Hollywood's airheads are always announced in the press as though these egomaniacal ignoramuses have uttered some profound proverb for posterity. Take for example, Alec Baldwin's recent comment about Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. According to this sage of the silver screen, Judge Barrett “is only another card that the Psycho turns over to destroy the Constitution.”


While I understand that it's not just in Tinseltown, but throughout our land today, that thinking and reasoning are at a minimum rather than a maximum, I still can't fathom how such nonsensical statements as Baldwin's are given any credence by even the most clueless of current-day cretins. How is a president's fulfillment of his constitutional duty to nominate a justice for a Supreme Court vacancy destroying the Constitution? How is it fatal to the Constitution to follow it?


I'm sure you've learned by now that many present-day words have acquired different meanings from their previous ones. This redefinition of terms is a masterful ploy employed by cults, who use this verbal subterfuge to camouflage their real contentions, as well as intentions. When it comes to present-day progressives, they're like a political cult, they say what we say, but don't mean what we mean. For instance, consider the progressive's condemnation of something as unconstitutional. While we think they mean something contrary to the Constitution, which is the conventional definition of the word unconstitutional, what they really mean is something contrary to themselves, either to their contentions or intentions. By artfully alleging that any disagreement with them is somehow unconstitutional, progressives not only cunningly criminalize nonconformity to their progressive creed, but also characterize all their dissenters as treasonous saboteurs of our Constitution.


Permit me to give you a pair of examples of how present-day progressives cloak their unconstitutional canons in constitutional garb. First, there is no constitutional right to an abortion. Nowhere does our Constitution grant a woman the right to exterminate her unborn child; in fact; our founding document—the Declaration of Independence—guarantees the unborn child the right to life. However, progressives howl that the overturning of the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade Decision, which had no constitutional basis whatsoever, would not only be unconstitutional, but ultimately prove  to undermine the underpinnings of our whole constitutional republic.


Second, progressives protest that it would be unconstitutional for the Supreme Court to ever strike down Obamacare as an unconstitutional overreach by our federal government. However, in his dissent to the Court’s legalizing of the Affordable Care Act in  2012, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, certainly no conservative, declared the Court’s ruling unconstitutional. Not only did Kennedy accuse the Court of affirming a congressional overreach, which fundamentally changed the relationship between the federal government and its citizenry, by empowering the government to mandate the buying and selling of health insurance, but he also accused the Court itself of being guilty of judicial overreach, by endowing the government with such unconstitutional power!


Make no mistake about it; Democrats care no more for the Constitution than they do for an ant on a crumb of cheesecake out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They couldn’t care less about whether or not something is constitutional. All they care about is power—total and tyrannical power. However, to get us under their iron-fist, they put on the white kid gloves of the Constitution, hoping by doing so they can conceal their claws from us until they can dig them into us.