February 16, 2020 @ 6:30 AM

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh got a bipartisan bashing, from both Republicans and Democrats, for recently predicting that America won't elect a male presidential candidate—Pete Buttigieg—to the White House who "kisses his husband" on the stage of presidential debates. However, a lot of people predicted that Barack Obama would lose his bid for reelection to the White House after he came out in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriage. We all know how that turned out! Obama got reelected, same-sex marriage got legalized, and polls show that the majority of today's Americans are pleased with the enshrining of same-sex marriage in our laws.


In an interview with Fox New’s Geraldo Rivera on Thursday, our current Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump, said he'd vote for a gay president. In fact, in a previous interview with Fox's Steve Hilton, Trump said he thought Mayor Pete's same-sex marriage was "absolutely fine,” “great,” and “good.” Although he admitted that some people might have a problem with it, he added that he had "no problem with it whatsoever." 


According to Joe Biden, one of Trump's Democrat rivals for the White House, Rush Limbaugh's comment about Mayor Pete's same-sex marriage is "part of the depravity of [the Trump] administration." Interestingly, Biden, who made his comment after taking the Lord's name in vain, defines depravity as the opposite of how the Bible defines it. In fact, the Bible clearly teaches that the approval and advocacy of homosexuality is a sure sign of spiritual reprobation; that is, that a society has been given up by God and given over to its own depravity (Romans 1:26-32).


I'm afraid Rush Limbaugh is not much of a prophet. While Pete Buttigieg may not win the presidency, I fear his same-sex marriage helps him more than hurts him in his run for the White House in today's America, a country given over to its depravity by an angry God. The real question we ought to be asking ourselves is not if our country is ready for a homosexual president, but if we're ready for God's inevitable judgment.