February 24, 2020 @ 6:52 AM

Who could have believed a few short years ago that a socialist who honeymooned in Moscow and defends Cuba's late communist dictator Fidel Castro would be the front runner in the Democrat primary for President of the United States of America? For you who still think the difference between Republicans and Democrats is just different opinions posed by American patriots on different sides of the political aisle, you need to think again. Democrats are not patriots, but subversives who are openly attempting to overthrow our government and transform our nation into a socialist state. The most incredible thing about it, however, is the millions of Americans, especially younger Americans, who are voting for it. The incredible growth of Bernie’s Bros who are “Feeling the Bern” all over America is most foreboding for the future of our republic. It is the greatest danger our nation has ever faced, especially since most Americans are oblivious to it and more and more are actually voting for it.