February 11, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

Democrats, like Dr. Frankenstein, have created their own monster, who is now threatening everything they hold dear. By promising the younger generation a nanny state, which will protect them from every offense and provide for their every need, Democrats have dug up the corpse of socialism and brought it back to life in Bernie Sanders. Just as Frankenstein’s monster killed Dr. Frankenstein’s chosen bride, Elizabeth, and Dr. Frankenstein’s best friend, Henry Clerval, Sanders did in Hillary Clinton, to whom the DNC was wed in 2016, and is now doing in the DNC’s best friend, Joe Biden, in 2020. While Democrats’ pampered posterity is “feeling the Bern,” the Democrat Party is “fearing the Bern,” knowing it’s about to be done in by its own monster; that is, took over by young, radical, socialist revolutionaries of its own making! By the way, Dr. Frankenstein, who died in his pursuit to put his monster to death, was survived by the monster. Likewise, the Democrat Party is dying before our very eyes in its pursuit to put its monster—democratic socialism—to death, but, unfortunately, it too will be survived by the monster it has created, a monster that will live to haunt our end-time world.