November 28, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

Long ago, a dear man of God, not to mention one of my closet friends, counseled me against publicizing the personal instruction I receive from Christ during instances of intimate communion with Him. He told me that Christ intended for me to internalize rather than publicize these intimate and individual instructions. I've long followed this wise counsel and seldom shared with others what the still small voice of the Spirit whispers personally to my heart. 


Charles Finney, the great preacher of America's Second Great Awakening, once said that he seldom preached on what his own soul delighted, because the common people could bear it not. In our day of spiritual dearth and shallow Christianity, few folks can bear the intimate utterances of deep truths breathed by Christ into the hearts of those who comprise the small remnant of His present-day intimates.


In spite of all of the above, I'm moved today to make an exception to my routinely followed rule. The following is a note written in my personal journal to myself this past Wednesday. It not only articulates intimate instruction I received from Christ, but is sound advice for every Christian who finds himself/herself living in this precarious time, as well as facing the perilous days ahead.


"If I am to walk by faith and confidently in Christ through the perilous times of the dark, evil, and last days before me, then, I must travel through the rest of my life on the Road to Emmaus. I must be accompanied by Christ every step of the way. I must have a heart burning within me, because of His expounding of the Scriptures to me. I must constrain Him to constantly abide with me. And I must daily sup with Him for my daily spiritual sustenance. Only then will the written Word of God—the Scripture—not be like idle words to me and the Living Word of God—the resurrected Christ—be alive to me indeed!" (Luke 24:1-35)