November 27, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

There are questions about our election that need to be answered. Every American, regardless of their political stripes, should demand answers to these questions, not only to assure the integrity of this election, as well as future elections, but to assure the legitimacy of a Biden presidency and the survival of our electoral process, which is the underpinning of our representative republic. However, millions of Americans are more than willing to incuriously take the word of a pathologically lying press and proven perjurious politicians that there was no fraud in this year’s presidential election. Indeed, these self-discredited practicing prevaricators protest that the American people’s refusal to take their word for it will imperil the very future of America itself.


I know some perusers of this post will be compelled to immediately pink slip it, because of the preconceived ideas with which they’ve been programmed by a mind controlling press and their political programmers. They will, as they’ve been programmed to do, protest that the plethora of irregularities and illegalities in this year's presidential election, as well as its lack of transparency and the disappearance of verifiable evidence to verify its validity are nothing more than inconsequential coincidences. To them, the abundance of abnormalities peculiar to this election are just a lot of little snafus or glitches, which are void of any criminal intent and not worth the investment of anyone’s time to investigate. Therefore, they have no problem with investigative journalism going AWOL in its investigating of this presidential election, despite the fact that the greatest political crime in all of American history may have been perpetrated within it.


Now, I know the common complaint; if President Trump, his legal team, and Sidney Powell, who Team Trump appears to have thrown under the bus, have proof of voter fraud, let them present it. Otherwise, they should shut up, lest they undermine our electoral process and a Biden presidency, as Democrats undermined our electoral process in 2016 and the Trump presidency for the past four years. While I agree that claims of criminality in this year’s presidential election must be proved by corroborating evidence, we nonetheless find ourselves in quite a quandary over the quantity of queerish questions that have been raised in a quagmire of lawsuits over this questionable election. Still, the press totally ignores these pressing questions, provides no alternative explanations for them, apart from possible voter fraud, and demands that we simply take their word over Trump’s word that voter fraud was not systemic, but totally nonexistent.


It appears that the bulk of our citizenry is unconscious of the fact that our press is offering us neither explanations nor evidence to prove that all allegations of voter fraud are fraudulent themselves. Instead, all they do is insist that there is nothing suspicious about the slew of suspicious abnormalities with which this presidential election is strewn. According to today’s press, which is fast becoming an American version of Russia’s Pravda, all allegations of voter fraud are absurd, all who allege them are crazy conspiracy theorists, and anyone who believes them is not only an imbecile, but unAmerican! Unbeknownst to many a modern-day American is the fact that being bullied and brainwashed by a militant and manipulative press is as great a threat to our republic as a rigged presidential election.