December 1, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Willingness to be hoodwinked is whittling away at our constitutional rights and freedoms. Whether we’re talking about pandemic propaganda or the coverup of the obvious irregularities and ostensible illegalities of a presidential election, present-day Americans, unlike their predecessors, are proving themselves more than willing to put their faith in a prevaricating press and perfidious politicians, to forfeit their freedoms, and to be fettered by their government. Consequently, our constitutional republic is starting to crumble and a repressive regime is suddenly arising to replace it. 


If all we’re being told about the coronavirus pandemic is true, it still wouldn’t justify our government’s suspension of our Constitution and subjugating of us under its dictatorial control. What really adds insult to injury, however, is that what we’re being told is either decidedly exaggerated or downright erroneous. For instance, consider the following proof that the coronavirus pandemic is being used to propagate panic, so that a petrified public will permit power-hungry politicians to usurp power over our lives and livelihoods.


The prestigious Johns Hopkins University Newsletter recently ran a study unveiling a startling statistic. According to the newsletter, the CDC’s data on coronavirus fatalities shows that the virus has had “relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.” In other words, total deaths per age category during the pandemic have proven no greater than total deaths per age category before the pandemic. This startling statistic is made even more startling by the fact that even deaths among the elderly have been no greater during the pandemic than before it. 


How do we explain this inexplicability? The explanation is found in the fact that deaths by other causes, such as heart disease, the leading cause of death in America, have drastically decreased during the coronavirus pandemic. But how do we explain this decrease in other causes of death? Enter Dr. Deborah Birx, member of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force, who publicly announced back in April that everyone who dies after a coronavirus diagnosis, regardless of the actual cause of their death, is counted as a coronavirus fatality. There you have it; many people dying of other causes, such as heart disease, are being reported to have died from the coronavirus. Of course, this explains the high number of coronavirus fatalities, the decreased number of deaths from other causes, and the fact that the coronavirus has not increased the number of total deaths in our country.


Shortly after publishing their newsletter, Johns Hopkins University pulled this eyeopening article, due to the firestorm it spawned. The university reasoned its retraction was required because the article “was being used to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic.” In spite of Johns Hopkins stated reason for pulling the article, I suspect the real reason was because the article inadvertently let the proverbial cat out of the coronavirus bag.


With the cat put back in the bag and the firestorm over Johns Hopkins’ article doused, the CDC promptly poured fuel on the fire of pandemic panic by proposing that millions more have contracted the coronavirus than has previously been reported. In fact, the CDC alleges that 1/3 of our country may have already caught the coronavirus. According to CDC guesstimates, it is possible that for every American diagnosed with the disease, eight others are going undiagnosed, which means close to 100 million Americans have come down with the virus. 


If, as I suspect, the CDC is attempting to scare Americans into subjugation to Uncle Sam, over its propagating of the scary contagiousness of the coronavirus, they’ve overlooked how this scare shores up Johns Hopkins retracted article. After all, if, as the CDC proposes, a possible 100 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus, then, the mortality rate of the virus is far less than that of the seasonal flu. If such is the case, our country has allowed our government to suspend our constitutional rights and to usurp dictatorial control over our lives over nothing more than a flu-like illness, which is no more deadly than normal influenza.