October 5, 2020 @ 10:15 AM

One has to admit, Joe Biden is the perfect presidential candidate for a political party that passed Obamacare before they read it and impeached President Trump before they had any proof that he had committed an impeachable offense. If you ask me, Democrats ought to change their logo from a jackass to a cart before the jackass, since they insist on no prior predication for any of their proposed perpetrations. Like his political party, Joe Biden is promising voters that they will see what they get after they get it.  


Joe Biden, thanks in no small part to the pass he’s given by today’s press, is absolutely refusing to divulge rather or not he supports his party’s promised draconian policies, which, if ever enacted, would fundamentally change our country into a feudal state, us into its vassals and villeins, and Biden and his fellow Democrats into its ruling nobility.


In last Tuesday night's presidential debate, Chris Wallace asked Joe Biden if he supported his party's pledge to pack the Supreme Court and to do away with the Senate filibuster. Unbelievably, and without any protest from Wallace, Biden blatantly answered, “I will not answer the question!” Biden went on to revealingly explain that the reason he refused to answer the question was because his answer would "become the issue” of his presidential campaign. Biden knew a “yes” answer to Wallace’s question would cost him the votes of moderate Democrats. On the other hand, Biden knew a “no” answer to Wallace’s question would cost him the votes of progressive Democrats. So, Joe Biden simply refused to answer. 


In spite of his refusal to answer Wallace’s question and to inform voters of his intentions, Biden called on “the American people [to] speak,” though he refused to do so, and to "go out and vote,” though he refused to tell voters what they’ll get if they vote for him. That a presidential candidate can be so ambiguous, that a colluding press can allow it, and that the American people can accept it, speaks volumes about the abysmal predicament in which we presently find ourselves.


Yesterday, I watched the media pitch a fit over the fact that the White House physician had been less than straightforward in answering their questions about whether or not President Trump had been briefly put on oxygen this past Friday. It struck me as strange that the media would have an epileptic fit over this, while at the same time being perfectly content with being left completely in the dark over Joe Biden’s current cognition, as well as his presidential proposals. They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, our media’s lack of it may kill us all.


Finally, and most disconcerting of all, is this salient point, which I wrote about yesterday, the one thing Joe Biden is crystal clear about is his intention to outlaw Biblical Christianity on behalf of the LGBT community. Joe has publicly, plainly, and proudly proclaimed, “Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time.” Now, ask yourself this important question: Why is Joe Biden more than willing to indubitably declare this personal presidential aspiration, but not others, for fear that they might divide his party and prove detrimental to him at the polls? The answer is obvious. When it comes to abolishing Biblical Christianity in America, the Democratic Party is united, not to mention homogenous in its hostility toward Christ and all things Christian.