October 4, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

A horrifying fact of history that is often forgotten is that Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany’s embrace. Although postwar Germans later pleaded innocent to complicity in Hitler’s atrocities on the grounds of ignorance, they had no such argument for their acquittal, since Hitler and his Nazis had clearly telegraphed in advance their sinister intentions. The German people simply chose to overlook the publicly proclaimed tenets of Nazism, and in doing so destined themselves to the hell of their own “Heil Hitlers.”


Many professed Christians in America today, like the Germans of yesterday, are foolishly embracing fascists. In their case, however, it’s not Adolf Hitler and Nazis, but political progressives—antichrists who are not only publicly proclaiming, but positively proving their sinister intention to rid our county of Christianity. Here’s the unpopular, but indisputable truth of the matter: ANY PROFESSED CHRISTIAN WHO GOES TO THE POLLS IN SUPPORT OF DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES IS EFFECTIVELY, NOT TO MENTION UNBELIEVABLY, ASSISTING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN ITS STATED INTENTION TO NAIL SHUT THE COFFIN OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH IN OUR SOCIETY!


“Christian” Democrats—a figure of speech I consider to be the epitome of an oxymoron—vehemently protest any suggestion that they deny their Christian profession by their devotion to an antichrist political party. However, such impassioned protests are easily proven indefensibleness. For instance, consider a couple of examples that provide incontrovertible proof of the preposterousness of a ballot punching Democrat being a bona fide professor of Jesus Christ.


On Saturday, April 11, Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, signed into law the Virginia Values Act, which was passed by Virginia’s Democratic controlled legislature. This law coerces Virginia’s Christian ministries to compromise their Christian convictions into conformity to the radical agenda of the LGBT community, under the penalty of a finically ruinous $100,000 fine. This, as a lawyer contesting the legislation on behalf of Christian ministries contends, is blatant government hostility toward the Christian Faith, brought to all Virginians with the compliments of the Democratic Party!


In May of 2019, the Democratically controlled House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, legislation that would, for all practical purposes, criminalize the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, this brazen attempt by Democrats to outlaw Biblical Christianity as discriminatory failed to become the law of our land. Frightfully, it’s failure was totally attributable to two temporary stopgaps. First, a Republican controlled Senate refused to take up the legislation. Second, a Republican President, Donald Trump, promised to veto it if ever passed by both houses of Congress.


If he is elected president in November, and his party elected into the majority of both houses of Congress, Joe Biden has vowed to sign the Equality Act into law during his first 100 days in the Oval Office. By doing so, Biden will not only make the Equality Act the law of our land, but also ban Biblical Christianity from America. Consequently, ANY SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN WHO GOES TO THE POLLS THIS NOVEMBER TO VOTE A DEMOCRAT INTO CONGRESS, THE SENATE, OR THE WHITE HOUSE, WILL, IN EFFECT, BE VOTING CHRISTIANITY OUT OF AMERICA!


I guess one could say that the German people, by ignoring the publicly stated sinister intentions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, got what they asked for and deserved. Likewise, one could say that so-called Christian Democrats, who ignore the publicly stated sinister intentions of Joe Biden and his Democratic Party, are in danger of getting what they ask for and deserve. Come November, they may outlaw the very faith they profess to believe by going to the polls and punching their ballots for the public enemies of their professed Biblical beliefs! GO FIGURE!