October 26, 2020 @ 10:30 AM

Joe Biden has repeatedly threatened a national mask wearing mandate if elected president. Dr. Anthony Fauci praises such a proposal as “a good idea,” advocating its enforcement into the year 2022. At the same time, however, a study in Denmark, Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute and a member of the president’s COVID team, as well as numerous other prominent scientists throughout the world, deny the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Even commonsense itself calls into question the effectiveness of masks, since we’re currently experiencing record numbers of new cases at a time when we’re more masked up than ever.


We’re incessantly told today to follow the science, but which science or scientists are we to follow, since the science is so convoluted and the scientists themselves are in contradiction of one another? For instance, Californians were recently told that masks were ineffective in protecting them from breathing in smoke particles from the state’s raging wildfires. According to the scientists, smoke particles are to small for masks to filter. However, smoke particles are larger than the droplets that spread the coronavirus. So how do masks, which are ineffective in protecting Californians from tiny smoke particles, protect all Americans from the tinier droplets of the coronavirus?


Did you know that the Regeneron that President Trump was treated with during his recent bout with the coronavirus was derived from fetal stem cells, in particularly from kidney tissue taken from an aborted fetus? While it’s impossible to get anything but a carefully parsed answer from our government about the use of donated tissue from aborted babies in the development of both therapeutics and a vaccine for the coronavirus, scientists do argue that a vaccine manufactured without human embryonic stem cells will run the risks of failing to evoke a robust and specific immune response. It appears the success of our president’s Operation Warp Speed, at least in the minds of scientific researchers, is contingent upon the ongoing slaughter of the unborn by today’s abortion industry.


To accelerate the development of a vaccine, the Trump Administration recently blocked some of the FDA’s vaccine guidelines. These guidelines, which are suppose to be safeguards guaranteeing public safety in the development of new vaccines, are obviously seen by the Trump Administration as expendable speed bumps on the road to the president’s Operation Warp Speed, not to mention impediments to his promise to produce 300 million doses of a vaccine by January 2021. 


In today’s mad dash to develop a vaccine, billions of taxpayer dollars are being deposited into the coffers of Big Pharma, with the possibility of Big Pharma’s profits soon soaring into the trillions. There are currently 41 vaccines undergoing human trials, with tens of thousands of individuals serving in these trials as human guinea pigs. Pharmaceutical giants Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are currently in phase three trials, despite the terrible side effects being suffered by participants and being underreported by the media. Take for example the fact that Johnson & Johnson was forced to suspend their coronavirus vaccine trial after a participant came down with a mystery illness. Additionally, AstraZeneca has been forced to pause their vaccine trial twice; once when a participant experienced a serious adverse reaction, and again when a Brazilian participant actually died. Another company, Eli Lilly, has been forced by U.S. health regulators to suspend enrollment into their late-stage trial over public health concerns. In light of all of this, is there any wonder that 61% of surveyed Americans say they won’t take a first-generation coronavirus vaccine?


Long, long ago, the Apostle Paul warned Christians not to be deceived by what is falsely called science (1 Timothy 6:20). These ancient words have never been more apropos than today, a day in which we frightfully find ourselves being coerced to concede to governmental control under the fiats of what is being falsely called science. To dare to question the diktats of today’s convoluted, contradictory, and counterfeit science is to be condemned as an anti-science Neanderthal by your fellow-Americans. It is also to put yourself squarely in the crosshairs of a pandemic-panicked culture, which has been frightened into blindly following false science, forfeiting its constitutional freedoms, and being willingly fettered by its government. Will you take the Apostle Paul’s ancient warning to heart or will you too be swept away in the deceptive deluge of today’s falsely called science?