October 24, 2020 @ 11:30 AM

According to Joe Biden, “the only way” he can lose the presidential race “is by chicanery going on relative to polling places.” Hillary Clinton, who still believes that chicanery alone kept her from becoming our country’s chief executive in 2016, wholehearted concurs with Biden’s belief, which explains why she has counseled Joe not to concede the race to Trump under any circumstances, not even a Trump landslide victory.


Far from a landslide victory, today’s polls show Donald Trump headed for an Election Day shellacking. In spite of the fact that Joe Biden is cognitively impaired, promising to fundamentally change our representative republic into a totalitarian socialist state, and running for the highest office in our land while bunkered in his basement, the polls patently predict that the America people will overwhelmingly prefer Biden over Trump as our next president. According to one analysis of the average of current polls, Joe Biden is 88% certain to win the White House.


With the media in the bag for Biden, serving as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, no scandal, regardless of how well substantiated it is, can stick to “Teflon Joe.” On the other hand, every scurrilous accusations that the media can hurl at Donald Trump sticks to him as though he were made of Velcro. To buy in to the balderdash of our modern-day media—America’s version of Russia’s Pravda—is to be brainwashed into believing Trump is treasonous, Biden is both blameless and brainy, and the only way Trump can win re-election is by hook or crook.


Adding to this stacked deck of the illusionary invulnerability of Biden’s presidential candidacy is an ace up the sleeve of the DNC. This ace—unsolicited mail-in voting—poses unprecedented peril to the integrity of this presidential election. Not only does it make voter fraud far more feasible, but, thanks to recent court decisions, including one by the Supreme Court, enables election officials to keep harvesting and counting ballots until a desired election result is obtained.


If all else fails, Democrats have a fallback plan, which they’ve been preparing for with BLM and Antifa training exercises throughout America for months. With their billionaire arms supplier, George Soros, Democrat anarchists are promising a violent coup to overthrow a reelected Donald Trump and to install Joe Biden as führer over America’s new fascist regime.


In light of all of this, doomsday camps are activating all across America. For instance, Reuters has reported that Fortitude Ranch has opened both of their doomsday camps, one in West Virginia and the other in Colorado, in preparation for anticipated civil war over the upcoming election. Truly, the very real possibility of our country being thrown into chaos after Election Day has many people in our country contemplating sheltering themselves from the potential of unprecedented pandemonium.


I’ve been preaching, teaching, and writing about our country coming to this crossroads for years. I’ve seen it as inevitable, not to mention, the fulfillment of our Biblically predicted end-time role as the end-time world’s chief persecutor of Christ’s church—Christians—and God’s chosen people—the Jews. While I’ve been laughed at and lambasted for years, suddenly this old laughingstock of a preacher ain’t so funny anymore.