October 28, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Joe Biden was in Warm Springs, Georgia, yesterday, a place which famously served as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidential retreat. Roosevelt's unprecedented four term presidency was a result of his unparalleled popularity, a popularity spawned by the public's perception of him as America's savior from the Great Depression. Unbeknownst to most Americans, Biden's presence in Warm Springs proves America is in hot water.


The democratic socialism of Joe Biden's Democrat Party has been incrementally advancing in these United States since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was F.D.R., who during a time of national crisis, namely, the Great Depression, proposed to the country that the federal government become the caretaker of the citizenry. A decimated and impoverished populace gratefully acquiesced, granting to their beloved president an unprecedented four terms in office.


With such loyal and unwavering support, Roosevelt, the country’s perceived savior, attempted a brazen coup de tat. He attempted to pack the Supreme Court and take over the judicial branch of government. If he had succeeded, he would have been able to redo the Constitution and set up a rubber stamp judiciary for all of his socialist programs. Gratefully, Roosevelt failed in his attempt to take over the judiciary; and Congress, having witnessed the danger posed by a four term president, passed a law limiting all future presidents to two terms in office.


Unlike today, the vast majority of Americans in Roosevelt’s day, were appalled by a thinly veiled attempt to transform our representative republic into a totalitarian socialist state by a Democrat’s proposal to pack the Supreme Court. Even Roosevelt’s fellow-Democrats rose up in staunch opposition to his court-packing proposal. One of them, John O'Conner, was so outraged over Roosevelt's brazen power grab that he accused the president of "arousing the people of this country as they have seldom been stirred up before.” O’Connor went on to add that the people saw in Roosevelt's proposal “the strength of a dictatorship…[and] the people of this country want no part of a dictatorship.”


Unbelievably, Joe Biden, the Democrat’s current presidential candidate, along with his whole political Party, are promising to pull off in the present, with the consent of the American people, what the American people prohibited F.D.R. from pulling off in the past. Today’s Democrats, unlike yesterday’s, are not against overthrowing the judiciary branch of our government, by packing the Supreme Court, but are audaciously promising to do so, if voters will only elect Joe Biden over the executive branch of our government and a majority of Democrats over the legislative branch of our government. What is even more unbelievable, however, is that the American people appear to be going to the polls in record numbers to vote for Democrats’ pledged dictatorship. I guess we can no longer say what John O’Conner once said, that “the people of this country want no part of a dictatorship.” As unimaginable as it is, Americans appear to be going to the polls in droves to vote for one.