October 31, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

Joe Biden's profession of faith, like the religious professions of the preponderance of present-day politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, is anything but a profession of the historic and orthodox Christian Faith. To begin with, Joe Biden professes to be a member of an apostate church, which preaches a false gospel and is headed by a false Christ, a pope who claims to be both the vicar and voice of Christ upon the earth. Yet, even his apostate church finds Joe Biden’s beliefs on same-sex marriage and abortion on demand antithetical to its sacrament of Holy Matrimony and its doctrine on the sanctity of human life. The truth is; Joe isn’t even a faithful Roman Catholic, much less a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.


Now, before this article is misconstrued by Biden-backers into my defense of the genuineness of the Christian confession of Donald Trump, let me say that I find our president’s Christian profession, as well as his personal behavior, incompatible with the clear teachings of Jesus Christ. It is my sincere belief that neither candidate for the highest office in our land is a true Christian, since both deny the Christ they profess by their personal beliefs and behavior. Still, there is a troubling difference between the two candidates that must not be ignored, lest true Christianity in this country be imperiled.


Joe Biden’s Christian confession is not just hypocritical, but Joe Biden is actually hostile toward the Christian Faith he professes. As proof of this poison pudding, consider the fact that Joe Biden has promised, if elected president, to pass the Equality Act within his first 100 days in office. This anti-Christian legislation, passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress in May of 2019, but blocked by a Republican-controlled Senate, effectively outlaws Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions that are deemed by Democrats as discriminatory toward the LGBT community. If this duplicitous piece of legislation, having already been passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress, is ever passed by a Democrat-controlled Senate and signed into law by a Democrat president, like Joe Biden, it will strip Bible believing Christians of their religious liberty and coerce them, under threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution, to compromise their beliefs in order to conform to those of militant homosexuals. 


Joe Biden has proudly and publicly proclaimed, “Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time.” He has gone on to avow that “there is no room for compromise when it comes to [such] basic human rights.” In other words, according to Joe Biden, without exception, all Christian beliefs contrary to homosexual dogma are to be criminalized, all of our country’s citizens are to be coerced into conformity to the LGBT community’s compulsory creed, and all dissenters to these mandatory Democrat dictates are to be forever silenced.


While neither presidential candidate is true to their Christian profession, true Christians do have a clear choice between these two presidential candidates, since one is openly hostile toward true Christianity. For a true Christian to go to the polls and vote for Joe Biden, is for him or her to vote for the outlawing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America. It is, for all practical purposes, to vote to criminalize the Gospel, which Christ has commissioned us to preach, as hate-speech, to criminalize Christ’s Great Commission, as the incitement of hate crimes, and to criminalize any Great Commission fulfilling Christian, as an intolerable hatemonger. 


As inciting of vitriol as this allegation will prove to be, it is nonetheless indubitably true that going to the polls to vote Joe Biden into the White House, as well as his political party into majority control of both Houses of Congress, is to go to the polls to vote true Christianity out of America. To do so, is to prove yourself one of two things. You are either no Christian, regardless of whether or not you profess to be, or, if you are, you are a fool, who is actually empowering the enemies of your faith to forbid its practice and proclamation!