August 14, 2019 @ 9:30 AM

You may not realize it, but President Trump and his fellow Republicans may be waving a red flag of surrender to the Democrats' long dreamed of socialist state. Democrats are masters at painting all dissent to their dictatorial socialist schemes as monstrous evils. For instance, all opposition to Democratic demands for Red Flag Laws are portrayed by today's progressives as a diabolical preference of the cold-hearted to hold onto to their guns over taking needed measures to halt mass shootings. Unwilling to be labeled by liberals as lacking compassion for the victims of mass shootings, our president and his Party are acquiescing to Democratic demands to subject our Second Amendment rights to government scrutiny. In other words, to turn this inalienable right of our citizenry into an arbitrary right to be either granted or revoked by government caprice.


Make no mistake about it, history teaches us that the disarmament of the populace always proceeds genocide in a tyrannical state. To purge itself of all dissenters a tyrannical state must first render all dissidents defenseless. Only then can it eliminate all resistance and subjugate its populace. Of course, the disarmament of the people is always initially portrayed by tyranny as necessary for public safety, never, as it really is, necessary for public subjugation. Unbeknownst to the majority of today’s Americans, it is the citizenry’s refusal to have their guns taken by government that stands between them and a government takeover. In fact, our Founding Fathers adopted the Second Amendment to our Constitution primarily to protect us from this very thing—a government takeover.  


Now, many will argue that no sane person should object to Red Flag Laws; that is, to laws designed to take guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, who pose both a threat to themselves and to others. However, as with many governmental attempts to protect us from some peril, the unseen consequences of government protection often proves more imperiling to us than the peril it was initially proposed to protect us from. Consider, for instance, who will be attracting the attention of government authorities to gun owners by waving red flags over their heads. Will it be a disgruntled neighbor, an estranged family member, a former friend with an ax to grind, a persecutor of the gun owner’s religious faith, or a antagonist of the gun owner’s political ideology? 


Furthermore, who will sit in judgement of the gun owner’s mental condition and determine whether or not he or she is mentally competent to own a gun? Will it be someone afflicted with the pandemic mental illness of present-day progressives—Trump Derangement Syndrome? Will it be liberal psychologists, who have previously diagnosed both political conservatives and Christian fundamentalists as mentally ill? Or will it be government officials, like former Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano, who once red flagged American evangelicals as our country’s most serious terrorist threat? 


Truly, Red Flag Laws should be a red flag to every conservative American. While liberals hope to wave them as a distraction from their slight of hand gun confiscation, conservatives should not be distracted by them from what’s really going on—government’s seizure of our guns so that it can seize control of our lives.