September 7, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

The difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution was that our Founding Fathers based our democratic experiment on belief in God, whereas the French revolutionaries based theirs on an all-out war against God. The French Revolution quickly deteriorated into an unprecedented bloodbath perpetrated under the ruse of liberty, which explains Madame Roland’s famous last words before placing her head under the guillotine, “O liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!” 


At the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in San Fransisco last month, Democrats, like the French revolutionaries, declared all-our war on God, championing themselves as the political party of atheism and humanism. Of course, like Madame Roland’s executioners, they did so under the ruse of liberty, claiming to be the liberators of our land from all religious intolerance and tyranny. Both Robespierre and Voltaire would have been proud to have be present, as well as glad to have chaired the meeting.


Although it takes little Scriptural astuteness and spiritual discernment to see our present precarious predicament, as well as Bible prophecy coming to pass right before our eyes in unthinkable things taking place right under our noses, the vast majority of Americans, both inside and outside of the church, are totally oblivious to the odious offenses now obviously occurring. For instance, consider the following irrefutable facts about today’s Democratic Party, the largest political party in our country’s totally corrupt two party system.


  1. Not only has the Democratic Party publicly and proudly declared itself antichrist, but it is also unapologetically coddling anti-Semites in its current caucus. 
  2. Today’s Democratic Party is calling for a new McCarthyism, not the blacklisting and buttonholing of communists, but of all conservatives.
  3. Today’s Democratic Party has scant regard for the sanctity of human life, as is proven by its wholehearted advocacy of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.
  4. Today’s Democratic Party wants to squelch freedom of speech, especially in our schools, in order to silence their opposition and to indoctrinate our children.
  5. Today’s Democratic Party wants to revoke the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families, our property, and our liberty.
  6. Today’s Democratic Party wants to transform our country from a free market economy and representative republic into a command economy and a socialist state.
  7. Today’s Democratic Party wants to usurp tyrannical control over our lives under the ruse of protecting and preserving our lives, posterity, and planet from carbon emissions and cow flatulence. 

Now, I won’t even go into the deplorable lengths to which Democrats are willing to go to achieve their abominable objectives, such as racial demagoguery, class warfare, and downright anarchy. Suffice it to say, they will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to get us all under the iron fist of their authoritarianism. Still, the vast majority of Americans continue to see the Democratic Party as benign and benevolent rather than beastly. Therefore, like the French revolutionaries, Democrats continue unabated in the carrying out of their beastly intentions under the camouflage of having the best of intentions.


Little do most of my fellow citizens, as well as most of my fellow Christians, understand that today’s Democratic Party has become the greatest existing threat to our civilization in all of the world. It is a far cry from being just an innocuous and competing political ideology, it is an existential threat to our land, our liberty, and our very lives. Hopefully, we’ll wake up before Madame Roland did and realize before it’s too late what crimes are being currently committed in our country in the name of liberty.