May 24, 2019 @ 9:00 AM

Do you remember Ray Bradbury’s 1962 novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes? Well, I’m here to tell you that something wicked has come. Now, before I say what I have to say about the wickedness of today’s Democratic Party, let me make it abundantly clear that this in no way should be misconstrued into a conviction on my part that the Republican Party provides us with a righteous alternative. Whereas Democrats are driven by a pipe dream—transforming America into a socialist utopia—Republicans are driven by political expediency—doing what’s best for their political careers, not what’s right for our country. In the end, both political parties serve as a party to our destruction. 


Have you ever noticed that Democrats never argue for their preposterous policies, but only accuse all who argue against them of multiple evils? There is a simple explanation for this. Democratic policies are indefensible, therefore, all Democrats can do to draft supporters is to demonize all dissenters. Incapable of persuading others to adopt their absurd policies, as well as defending them against rational arguments, Democrats resort to vanquishing their foes by vilifying them. As Adolf Hitler taught, all dissenters must be completely discredited, making the price of dissent too steep for anyone to pay.


Although they are an amoral political party, claiming that right and wrong is a mere matter of subjective individual opinion, not of objective universal truth, they still condemn in no uncertain terms one absolute and intolerable evil—nonconformity to their ideology. In addition, since they see themselves as the sole moral standard of our society, as well as the absolute arbiter of right and wrong, they believe themselves to be above reproach, even when personally performing what they’ve condemned others for practicing. 


Do you remember how Democrats, during the 2016 presidential election, demanded that Donald Trump publicly promise to accept the decision of the American people in the upcoming election? According to them, Trump’s refusal to do so could jeopardize our electoral process, create a constitutional crisis, and imperil the future of our representative republic. Well, it’s been over two years since the election, and Democrats, not Donald Trump, are still refusing to accept the decision of the American people. 


Democrats have done everything they could to nullify the voices and votes of millions of Americans who elected Donald Trump as their president. They’ve also done everything they could to delegitimize the presidency of a duly elected president. Rather than cooperating in the passage of legislation for the good of the American people, Democrats have attempted to undermine the Trump Administration with investigations, all of which are designed to prevent the president from carrying out campaign promises for which he was elected by the American people. All of this leads to one incontrovertible conclusion, today’s Democratic Party has become despotic, determined to dictate their will over the will of millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016!


The evil despotism of today’s Democratic Party is indubitably showcased in several other ways as well. For instance, take the Democratic controlled House of Representatives recently passed Equity Act. This dubious piece of legislation has been called the most dangerous bill to freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion ever proposed in all of American history. According to Dr. James Dobson, it is “a thinly veiled attempt to finish off religious liberty in America once and for all.” 


The diabolical design behind this insidious piece of legislation is crystal clear. It is intended to outlaw religious beliefs in America that Democrats deem discriminatory toward the militant LGBT community. With its passage, Democrats have proven their determination to dictate religious doctrine in America. They have ordained themselves as our national episcopate and are demanding that every American conform to their compulsory religious creed. No exceptions are to be allowed. All personal religious beliefs, including Christian convictions and Biblical doctrines, are to conform to the compulsory religious creed of our new national episcopacy, the Democratic Party.


Adolf Hitler was greatly assisted in his rise to power in Nazi Germany by what Julien Benda called, “The Treason of the Intellectuals.” Germany’s scientists and scholars joined league with the Nazis to provide credence to Hitler. By substantiating Hitler’s Aryanism—the supremacy of the Aryan race—with so-called science and scholarship, the laboratories and classrooms of Germany played no small part in the eventual subjugation of the German people to Nazi tyranny. Anyone daring to argue against the absurdity of Aryanism, was immediately denounced as a dumbbell in denial of both “scientific fact” and “academic assertion.”


Unbeknownst to the vast majority of today’s Americans, the Democratic Party has borrowed this page from the Nazi playbook. Their doomsday message—the hoax of climate change—has been given credence by today’s so-called scientists and scholars. Therefore, any American questioning this “scientific fact” and “academic assertion” is immediately denounced and discredited as a dumbbell in present-day America. Every American must now adhere to this “proven” absurdity, no argument against it is allowed, and our citizenry is to subjugate itself, without question or hesitancy, to the mandatory measures being enforced by the Democratic Party to save our planet.


Make no mistake about it, climate change is the Democratic code word for government control.  It is a Machiavellian ruse being used by despotic Democrats to justify their dictatorial power over the most minute details of our lives. Although they present themselves as our delivering savior, saving our planet from becoming a smoldering cinder and us and our children from becoming charcoaled briquettes, Democrats are really all about becoming our slave drivers. They realize, however, as did Adolf Hitler, that the prerequisite to their diabolical end is to first convince us that their seizure of control over our lives is necessary for the salvation of our world.


Today’s common perception that the problem in Washington D.C. is nothing but political partisanship is quite preposterous. We’ve moved far beyond a political war of words between liberals and conservatives. Instead, our country is now in a downward spiral into the depths of depravity, to which our forsaken God has forsaken us. And when it comes to the Democratic Party; make no mistake about it, it is not only evil, despotic, and treasonous, but antichrist, not only engaged in an all-out-war against Christ and all things Christian, but also claiming to be Christ itself; that is, the savior of our world!