May 21, 2019 @ 3:30 PM

In 2013, I wrote a book entitled, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Compelling Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage. In the book, I boldly predicted: 


“The legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable in these United States. It cannot be stopped. Furthermore, there is nothing the righteous can do to prevent it. Now, this is not to say that the righteous need do nothing, but only to say that there is nothing we can do to change the sealed fate of a spiritually reprobate nation.”  


Obviously, my writing was not well received and I was criticized, castigated, and condemned, both inside and outside of the church. Yet, a mere two years after publishing my most unpopular book, the Supreme Court of the United States did exactly what I predicted, it legalized same-sex marriage in America. 


Another most unpopular prediction I dared to make on the pages of my most unpopular book was that the “inevitable” legalization of same-sex marriage would prove to be the “death knell for America…the final nail in our country’s coffin.” I backed up this bold prediction by penning a trio of incontrovertible proofs that prove the pending and unpreventable collapse of our country. 


  1. The legalization of same-sex marriage will redefine marriage and by doing so pull out from under our society the God ordained bed-rocks of all orderly society; namely, traditional marriage and the traditional family. 
  2. The legalization of same-sex marriage will serve as a sure sign of our nation’s spiritual reprobation, proving that we’ve passed a point of no return with God. 
  3. The legalization of same-sex marriage will arm militant homosexuals and their godless allies with the coercive powers of government, which they will readily wield to silence once and for all the church’s witness in our land.


The legalization of same-sex marriage has not only resulted in the redefinition of marriage in our country, as I predicted it would, but also in the redefinition of male and female. It is not just those refusing to sanction same-sex marriage who are now subject to civil litigation and criminal prosecution, but also those refusing to adhere to the absurdity of gender neutrality; that is, refusing to refer to a male claiming to be female as a women or to a female claiming to be male as a man. 


The Bible clearly teaches that a nation steeped in sin will become sick in the head (Isaiah 1:4-5). Truly, our iniquitous nation has become insane. This, in and of itself, serves as proof positive of our nation’s spiritual reprobation. Is there any doubt that we’ve passed a point of no return with God when we’ve outlawed His Law and enshrined iniquity—same-sex marriage—and insanity—gender neutrality—in our own laws?


It pains me to see evangelicals in our country today duped into believing that our corrupt political system holds a solution to the problem of our spiritual reprobation. For instance, many evangelicals foolishly believe, despite our indisputable national depravity, that President Trump can make a spiritually reprobate America great again. Such naivety begs the question of how a God-forsaking nation can be delivered from its unrepentant reprobation by a politician who recently stated, contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture, that a political opponent’s same-sex marriage is a sign of national progress rather than national degeneracy. 


In a recent interview on Fox News, Steve Hilton, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's gay marriage, asked President Trump, “Don’t you think it’s just great to see the fact that you’ve got a guy there on the stage with his husband, and it’s normal?” In response, our president replied, “I think it is absolutely fine, I do.” Then, when Hilton asked the president if he saw this as a sign of “progress” for our country, Trump answered: “Yeah, I think it’s great. I think that is something that perhaps some people will have a problem with. I have no problem with it whatsoever, I think it’s great.” Now, if you ask what I think, I don’t think such comments from our Commander and Chief will ever make America great again. Instead, I see them as a sure-fire way to assure God's forsaking of our nation to an ill-fated end in the very near-future.


As I predicted in my book, Speak Now of Forever Hold Your Peace: The Compelling Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage, militant homosexuals and their godless allies have succeeded in co-opting the coercive powers of government. These co-opted governmental powers are now being wielded against the church in America, in order to silence its witness in our land. Proof of this was unquestionably provided to us this past Friday when the Democratic controlled House of Representatives passed the Equality Act. This duplicitous piece of legislation effectively outlaws Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions that are deemed by Democrats as discriminatory toward the LGBT community. If, or perhaps I should say when, it, or some similar piece of legislation, becomes the law of our land, it will strip Bible believing Christians of their religious liberty and force them, under threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution, to compromise their beliefs in order to conform to those of militant homosexuals. 


Democrats, like Jerrold Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, believe the time has come to outlaw all Christian beliefs in today’s America that are contrary to homosexual dogma, such as the preposterous precepts of sexual orientation and gender identity. All citizens, according to Democrats, are to conform to this compulsory creed. No exceptions are to be allowed. Any citizen failing to do so will face severe civil and criminal consequences at the hands of a coercive government in league with militant homosexuals who are hellbent on silencing all dissenters to their mandatory dictates.


Many evangelicals will take solace in the fact that our Republican controlled senate is unlikely to follow suit with our Democratic controlled congress in passing the anti-Christian Equity Act. Furthermore, they’ll cling white knuckled to the additional safeguard that President Trump is unlikely to sign it into law, even if the senate should surprisingly pass it. Yet, what true solace should be taken by Christians from such a thin line of defense against the beginning of an all-out-war in our country against the church? What will happen in 2020 if Democrats retain control of congress and gain control of both the senate and the White House? And how can we be sure of the safeguards of Republican legislators, some of whom joined Democrats in passing the Equity Act last week, and of a Republican president, who has publicly professed he believes our nation’s ongoing gay pride parade is the march of progress in present-day America?


Obviously, the church in America is teetering on the precipice of unprecedented persecution. It is, though no one wants to hear it, inevitable, being both divinely predestined and Biblically predicted. Moreover, it will prove to be, much to the chagrin of today’s casual churchgoers, good for the church. Persecution will not only purify the church, separating the chaff—pretenders—from the wheat—genuine believers—but it will also prepare the church, the bride of Christ, for her Bridegroom’s return. It’s time the church in America woke up to the fact that it’s not the voting booth and the stump speeches of political candidates, but our prayer closets and preaching of the Gospel that is sorely needed in today’s America, a country that is quickly running out of time.