December 21, 2019 @ 8:30 AM

Thanks to a previous impeachment, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Democrats learned that lying, even lying under oath, could be done with immunity and without ultimate accountability. Consequently, today's congressional Democrats have brazenly, without any fear of accountability, been led to impeach our present president by a man repeatedly proven to be a pathological liar. 


It is noteworthy that even the liberal Washington Post, which has been appropriately nicknamed the "Washington Compost," has given Adam "Shifty" Schiff seven Pinocchios for flagrant falsehoods. Still, "Shifty" keeps spewing out slanderous accusations without fear of ever facing any liability. Such shameless scandalmongering is easy to understand when one considers that it is for the most part championed by the press, cheered by Schiff's political party, and rewarded by his constituents at the polling place.


Schiff's ever-growing Pinocchio nose is one thing, but his hell ignited fiery tongue is another, being far most ominous. The Greek word for "devil" in the New Testament means "slanderer" or "accuser." In fact, the devil, "the great red dragon," is called by Scripture, "the accuser of the brethren." According to the Bible, one's tongue has been set on fire by hell when used to curse or slander one's fellowman. In other words, all false accusers who slander others are doing the devil's bidding and proving themselves to be in hell's service. 


Do you remember what Satan said to God about God's servant Job? He alleged that Job's allegiance to God was only skin-deep, and that Job would CURSE GOD if his health ever failed. To prove Satan's accusation false and Job faithful, God allowed Satan to cover Job with painful boils from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Afterward, while Job set on an ash heap and scraped himself with a potsherd, his wife came out to him and said, "Do you still retain your integrity? CURSE GOD, and die." Is there any wonder who pulled her chain?


Like Job's wife, Adam Schiff has no idea who is pulling his chain; unfortunately, neither do most modern-day Americans. Schiff is a mouthpiece of the most malignant fiend in all of the universe, Satan, whose scandalmongering Scripture teaches is around-the-clock, continuing both day and night. That such a servant of Satan has such sway over our nation in this day is most disconcerting; however, that he does so with the support of his constituents and his congressional colleagues, as well as without fear of incrimination for his villainy, is even more disconcerting, since it proves that not only Adam Schiff, but much, if not most of America, has now joined Schiff in Satan's service as well.