December 13, 2019 @ 6:30 AM

I've said for years, to the chagrin of others and to my own castigation, that America is toast! Well, it's clear to see that we're in the toaster now; and the smell of the smoke of our burning is beginning to spread across the Fruited Plain. 


It's a scary thing to watch a duly elected president railroaded in a congressional kangaroo court, which not only denies the holder of the highest office in our land fundamental rights, like due process, but is also presided over by plaster saints and proven prevaricators who appear impervious to punitive actions against themselves. 


It's a scary thing to watch the largest political party in America apathetically overturning an American election and the votes of 63 million Americans without so much as batting their eyelids or shrugging their shoulders.


It's a scary thing to hear that same political party vow that if at first they don't succeed in removing America's duly elected president from his elected office that they will impeach him over and over again until they've ousted him from office and supplanted their will over the will of the American people.


Yet, here's the scariest thing of all: These out of control congressional fifth columnists, who are undermining our representative republic by removing its fundamental underpinnings, have all been elected to the United States House of Representatives by the American people! As current polls show, at least half of our population is in favor of this congressional coup d'état and behind the Benedict Arnolds who are leading it. Pogo was right, we've met the enemy and he is us! The real problem in America is not congress, but its constituents, who foolishly continue to vote fascists into office in our country.