January 30, 2019 @ 5:30 AM

In the very place our smug nation, which once believed itself invulnerable, was taught its incredible vulnerability by a handful of boxcutter-armed Muslims, Governor Cuomo has ordered the new One World Trade Center lit pink in celebration of New York’s new law sanctioning the murder of unborn children up until the moment of their birth. It is as though Governor Cuomo is boasting of his barbarism and daringly defying God to judge New York's barbarity by lighting up in the heavens a new Tower of Babel. Rather than being humbled by 9/11 and repenting afterward of our forsaking of Christ and our Christian heritage, today's America has doubled down on its depravity, even to the point of pompously taunting the Almighty with our abominable trespasses against Him. As I've been preaching for sometime, much to no avail, our God-forsaking country has been forsaken by God. There is no fear of God in today's America, only the fearful prospect of a forthcoming and fiery judgment at the hands of divine indignation. Don't be fooled by America's pink lit towers, God, who can't be mocked, will see to it that not one stone of them will be left upon another. As the ancient Prophet Amos warned the God-defying and soon to be judged Israelites, I warn today's God-defying and soon to be judged Americans, "Prepare to meet your God!"