January 23, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

Isn't it funny how an amoral political party, one which no longer believes in morality and immorality, but condemns all who still do so of intolerance, claims its political ideology is moral, and, at the same time, condemns all opposition to it as immoral? For instance, “Open Borders Pelosi” condemns a border wall as “immoral.” Socialist, Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, condemns capitalism as “immoral.” 


Another funny thing about today’s progressives is how they poke fun at Christians for going to church and predicting the end of the world, but are now going to church themselves and predicting the end of the world. This past Monday, Ocasio-Cortez went to church, Harlem’s Riverside Church, to predict the end of the world in ten years. According to this twenty-nine year old, our earth will soon be reduced to a smoldering cinder and all of us to smoking briquettes if we don’t immediately turn over control of our lives to climate change prophets and prophetesses like herself.


Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of a border wall as immoral is idiotic. It is a clumsy attempt to shroud her party’s multiculturalist scheme to swiftly change our country’s electoral demographic to the Democratic Party’s political advantage. It has nothing to do with Democrats’ feigned morality and humanity toward mass influxes of illegal immigrants. Instead, it is a barefaced political power grab, an attempt to render all future Republicans unelectable and all future Democrats unimpeachable. The sad thing is; according to public opinion polls, the majority of Americans are being snookered by the Democrats’ scheme and swallowing down the absurdity of Pelosi’s idiocy. As the Bible teaches, ignorance is not bliss, but lethal (Hosea 4:6). Our country is definitely being done in by being dumbed-down!


Whereas Pelosi’s condemnation of a border wall as immoral is a silly attempt to shroud something sinister, Ocasio-Cortez’s condemnation of capitalism as immoral is sinister in and of itself. Capitalism is designed to protect and preserve the rights of individuals to self-determination. It limits government’s coercive powers and assures us by doing so that each individual has equal opportunity under the law. Granted, equal opportunity does not translate into equal outcomes and incomes. Some will do better than others under a capitalist system of government, thanks to things like being born into a better station in life or to making better life decisions. Still, none will be discriminated against by capitalism itself, nor will any be prohibited from the opportunities of others by government coercion or the Rule of Law.


Socialism, unlike capitalism, revokes individual rights, as well as enforces, by the unfettered coercive power of a socialist government, a collectivist economic system upon all individuals. Individuals are incrementally led to voluntarily surrender more and more control of their lives to a socialist state promising equal incomes and outcomes to everyone. Bewitched by this promised redistribution of wealth to everyone equally, people willingly begin handing over to the state the means of production, the possession of all properties, and power over the lives of all producers. Unfortunately, as past history empirically proves, a socialist society always discovers too late that its beloved and benevolent “Nanny State” is destined to become a monstrous and tyrannical “Mommy Dearest.”


Throughout history, all totalitarian governments and their tinpot despots have rose to power under the pretense that they alone provide any hope for the preservation and posterity of their nation. It is here, that Ocasio-Cortez’s laughable doomsday prediction is clearly seen as no laughing matter. She, like all socialist doomsayers before her, is calling for the surrender of our individual rights and freedoms for the purpose of preserving our nation; indeed, in her case, for the far more important purpose of the preservation of our whole planet.


It is hard, I readily admit, to believe that any modern-day American can fall for the downright absurdities being spewed by today’s arrogant politicians with the most malevolent motives. Yet, the Bible predicts a pair of end-time phenomenon that make these present-day affairs not only palatable, but possible. First, the Bible predicts that the populace of the end-time world will be controlled by the coercive power of a world power that will control people’s right to buy or sell (Revelation 13:17). Second, the Bible also predicts that the end-time world will end up under the iron-fist of this beastly world power, because its spiritually deluded populace will find God’s truth intolerable and man’s ludicrous lies believable (2 Thessalonians 2:8-12). How else can you explain America’s present-day disdain of God’s Word and deference to the words of Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez apart from the fact that our truth-hating nation now finds itself under the Biblically predicted, strong, and God-sent spiritual delusion of the last days?