January 31, 2019 @ 5:00 AM

Why should anyone be surprised that a nation that callously slaughters unborn children—62 million and counting—should advocate the discarding of newborn children? Virginia's Governor Northam is certainly not the first prominent progressive to propose the tossing of newborns into hospital dumpsters as though they were no more than trash to be discarded?


In 2002, Jill Stanek, a registered delivery-ward nurse, became a leading opponent of “live-birth abortions” after witnessing the dastardly deed firsthand at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. In this abominable practice, a newborn that survives a botched abortion is left abandoned until it dies. When Nurse Stanek brought this unconscionable practice to the public’s attention, she was met with stern opposition from a little-known Illinois state legislator.


When the Illinois State Legislature attempted to outlaw this abominable practice with its Induced Infant Liability Act, a law which one would expect no decent human being to oppose, it was opposed by the above mentioned little-known state legislator, who had already attempted on two occasions to kill similar legislation in committee. The first time, he did so by voting against a bill brought before a committee upon which he served. The second time, he did so by keeping a bill from even coming up for a vote before a committee that he chaired. According to Ms Stanek, who appeared before the committee this state legislator chaired, neither photographs of premature babies she presented to the committee nor her own eyewitness testimony of how newborns were being left to die after surviving botched abortions appeared to "faze at all" the committee's cold-hearted chairman.


Who was this unfazed advocate of the unconscionable practice of life-birth abortions? Here's a hint; he would soon be elected president of the United States with more popular votes than any presidential candidate had ever received in American history. Is name is Barrack Hussein Obama.


Who is it that elects monsters like Obama and Northam as their president and governor? Is it not the people of America and Virginia? Therefore, how truly outraged are we over the blood of both unborn and newborn babies on our hands when the majority of our voters continue to cast their ballots for bloodthirsty candidates who don't bat at eye over the slaughter of the innocents? It appears to me, if our country was truly populated by decent human beings rather than depraved people, men like Barack Obama and Ralph Northam couldn't be elected dogcatchers, much less our president and Virginia's governor.