November 19, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

The President of the United States has been court ordered to allow himself to be accosted by CNN's Jim Acosta. The chief political hack of America's number one propaganda network has been shoved down President Trump's throat with the gavel of a judge. Do you remember this line from the movie Lincoln, by actor Daniel Day-Lewis, "I am the President of the United States of America, clothed in immense power"? It's not the president that is clothed in immense power in today's America, but judges, who can override the president's power with nothing more than their personal opinions. 
Thomas Jefferson warned America of a coming day when the federal judiciary would become an oligarchy. That day has come! Not only are out of control judges  now overriding presidential powers, but also the legislative powers of Congress, as well as the votes and voices of the American people. For instance, despite the overwhelming majority of millions of voters voting against the legalization of same-sex marriage in their states, five Supreme Court Justices overrode our voices and votes and legalized same-sex marriage all across America. 
Although it will be decried by his detractors for creating a constitutional crisis, President Trump ought to defy this court order to let the accosting Acosta back into the White House. This court order is nothing more than a judge's personal opinion. It has neither legal nor constitutional basis. The real constitutional crisis in America today is an out of control judiciary that is usurping the powers of the executive and legislative branches of our government, not to mention the power of the American electorate. 
The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia once opined that Americans needed to realize that the federal judiciary “has no influence over either the sword [executive branch] or the purse [legislative branch]” of our government. The only thing that sustains it, according to Scalia, is "the willingness of the people to accept its interpretation of the Constitution as definitive.” Well, what happens if the people refuse to accept the federal judiciary's interpretation of the Constitution, because judges are no longer properly interpreting the Constitution, but subverting it by replacing it with their own opinions? The answer is; we turn an out of control judiciary's scepters back into gavels and their regal robes back into black ones. However, if we keep bending the knee to our current judicial oligarchy, out of fear that our refusal to do so will create a constitutional crisis, we will soon be a country ruled totally by lawyers rather than law.
Make no mistake about it; there is a constitutional crisis in America today. It is seen in things like a lone judge's order for an ousted Acosta to be readmitted to the White House, as though the courthouse is in control of the gatehouse at the White House. While most Americans will see this as nothing more than an ongoing feud between the president and the press, it's really an undermining of the executive branch of our government by the judicial branch, which suddenly sees itself as sovereign, not only over the American president, but also over us, the American people.