November 20, 2018 @ 5:30 AM

As I wrote in my book—Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Compelling Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage—the LGBT community is militant. Far from live and let live, radical homosexuals are hellbent on stamping out the witness of the Christian church in America. This is why they target Christian owned businesses, like bakers, florists, and photographers, with request that violate the business owner's Christian convictions. They hope to financially ruin these Christian business owners by filing civil suits against them for discrimination. Unfortunately, this insidious threat to the church's future existence is largely ignored by contemporary Christians, who wave olive branches at those wielding swords—the swords of financially ruinous civil suits and even possible criminal prosecution under our country's new hate crime laws. 
The story linked to this post (click the photo to read the article), of the widespread condemnation of a Christian pastor for ousting a female-clad man from his congregation, is, in my opinion, a potential Pandora's Box. What will happen when the militant LGBT community starts targeting Bible-Believing churches with transgendered cross-dressers? What will your church do? Will you ignore it to the detriment and disruption of your church's worship services. Or will you ask cross-dressers to leave, risking a financially ruinous civil suit against your church? I've been preaching to the church for years, to little avail, of the precarious and imperiling predicament that we find ourselves in in today's America. Here's another good example of the gathering perfect storm against Christ's church in this country, a country which is becoming increasingly antichrist.
Although you may refuse to consider it and the vast majority of present-day evangelicals will repudiate it, there is soon coming a day in America when the only viable option for true Christianity will be a return to the New Testament blueprint for the church. The New Testament church, as taught by Christ, met in homes. As the book of Acts teaches, they met "from house to house" (Acts 2:46). It was more than 300 years before the first "church building" was built, and by then a third of the population of the earth had knelt at the cross. It is only by going underground and meeting in homes that the church can remain a viable witness for Christ in a country where it is being targeted for extinction by an ungodly population wielding against it the coercive powers of an antichrist government. Wake up church, the night is falling upon us!