November 10, 2018 @ 6:45 AM

Despite the fact that the law requires all early voting & vote-by-mail ballots to be reported within 30 minutes after the polls close, two Florida counties, Broward and Palm Beach, are still counting ballots days after the election. As a result, the Election Day victories of Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott and gubernatorial candidate Ron Desantis are now in danger of being overturned by mysterious ballots that keep turning up by the thousands in two Democratic strongholds. This same suspicious phenomenon in Democratic strongholds in Montana and Arizona has reversed Election Night results and given victory to Montana's Democratic senatorial candidate and the lead to Arizona's Democratic senatorial candidate.
It's funny how this post-election phenomenon only occurs in Democratic strongholds. It's also hard to understand how Democrats get away with continuing to illegally count ballots until their candidates eventually win. Of course, any suggestion of voter fraud is quickly shot down by Democrats and their cohorts in crime, the mainstream media, as voter suppression.
Make no mistake about it; elections are being stolen in today's America under the mantra: "Every vote must be counted!" It doesn't matter anymore if every vote is legitimate and legal. It doesn't matter if legal voters are being disenfranchised by having their votes nullified by illegal ones. All that matters is that the final vote tally, by hook or crook, elects a Democrat to office. If anyone dares to protest the Democrats' undermining of our elections, he or she will be damned by Democrats for undermining the public's confidence in our elections. The irony of ironies is that the very ones who are undermining confidence in our elections condemn everyone calling attention to what they're doing for doing what they're doing. No wonder Democrats brazenly do it with such a saucy sense of immunity from all accountability, knowing they can condemn their condemners for the condemnable crime they themselves are committing.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, America's lawless liberals want no one's votes counted or voices heard but their own. They are hellbent on suppressing all opposing votes and silencing all opposition voices. They may pretend to march in a patriotic parade under the red, white, and blue banner of every vote must be counted, but they're really goose-stepping fascists marching under a red, white, and black banner. Like all former fascists, they will not rest until our citizenry is coerced into conformity to their conviction that no one counts but them and their comrades.