April 4, 2022 @ 10:00 AM

As we noted in our last article in this important series, the PCR test, which was used not only to diagnose cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also to literally shutdown the world, lockdown our society, cripple our economy, and suspend our constitutional rights and freedoms, was never approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but only “emergency use authorized.” Also, as we noted in our last article, anything the FDA emergency use authorizes is, by the FDA’s own definition, “experimental.” Why, then, was the PCR test passed off on the American people as proven rather than experimental, especially in light of the fact that its emergency use authorization ended up pulled and the test itself taken off the market, because of its proven unreliability?


Should the American people practice blind faith in the FDA? Has the FDA painstakingly over the years repeatedly proven itself totally trustworthy and deserving of such blind faith? Should it always be given the benefit of the doubt, or is there good cause to give us serious pause when it comes to pinning our faith on the FDA, and its approved and emergency use authorized drugs, vaccines, biological products, and medical devices?


Let’s begin to answer these important questions with a startling observation. The FDA does not test the drugs it approves, but leaves the testing to the pharmaceutical companies who develop them. That’s right; the testing of these drugs is done by their developers, who stand to make millions, if not billions of dollars, off the drugs they manufacture, once the FDA approves them for the market. In addition to this disconcerting fact, consider a couple of others. First, 70% of the FDA’s drug regulatory budget comes from the pharmaceutical companies they regulate. Second, there is a well known revolving door between Big Brother and Big Pharma. Government health officials leave government positions by the droves to go to work in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical employees leave their private sector jobs by the droves to become government bureaucrats. For instance, a former Commissioner of the FDA now sits on the board of Pfizer. 


In light of all of this, is there any wonder that another former Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Herbert Ley, made the following startling admission?


“The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. The thing that bugs me is that people think that the FDA is protecting them, it isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.” 


Professor Ley’s quote has been called “the most stunning medical quote ever made by a Harvard professor.”


Regulatory capture—the capture of our government’s health agencies by the pharmaceutical industry that they are suppose to be regulating—is indisputable. This, in and of itself, is bad enough, but when one comes to realize just how long Big Pharma’s tentacles are, as well as all they are wrapped around, it becomes down right horrifying. Take for example the fact that a former CEO of Reuters, which is in charge of fact checking social media posts, currently sits on the board of Pfizer. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to Big Pharma’s pervasive power over our present-day society, as is patently proven by the following, additional, and unsettling examples.


  1. Our healthcare bureaucracies—the CDC, FDA, NIH, and NIAID—are all 50% funded by Big Pharma.
  2. Big Pharma is not just a big funder of our healthcare bureaucracies, but also of the CDC’s own nonprofit Foundation, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  3. Many of our healthcare bureaucrats receive profits from pharmaceutical companies on patents they hold, for royalties they’re paid, and from large shares of stock they own. 
  4. The pharmaceutical industry is the highest spending of all industrial government lobbyists. In fact, it spends almost three times more than the second highest, the oil and gas industry. In 2019 alone, it spent $228 million lobbying Congress.
  5. There are more lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies in Washington D.C. than there are legislators. In other words, Big Pharma has more representatives in our nation’s capital than the American people.
  6. Many politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, have campaign coffers filled with big bucks from the deep pockets of Big Pharma.
  7. Every major mainstream media organization has at least one board member serving on a board of a pharmaceutical company.
  8. America’s mainstream media is substantially funded by advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies; in fact, it is estimated that 70% of news media advertising comes from Big Pharma.
  9. If you thumb through prestigious medical journals, like The New England Journal of Medicine, you’ll notice that on every few pages there is a pharmaceutical ad, the proceeds from which pay for these  publications.


With such a glaring cornucopia of conspicuous conflicts of interest, how can anyone, barring the most naive of ninnies, possibly practice blind faith in the FDA? When you couple Big Pharma’s regulatory capture of Big Brother with Big Pharma’s long history of convicted felons and committed frauds, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in fines, you’ll be forced to conclude, as I have, that it all adds up to the personification of crony capitalism.


Are you aware of the fact that over 100,000 Americans die every year from prescription drugs; that is, from drugs approved by the FDA? Did you know that the FDA has pulled twice as many drugs off the market in recent years than it has approved for the market? For example, consider the drug Vioxx. It was manufactured by Merck and approved by the FDA for the treatment of arthritis, but pulled off the market, once it was discovered to have caused and estimated 140,000 heart attacks and 60,000 deaths. Statistics like these should be more than enough to give every American pause when it comes to practicing blind faith in the FDA. 


There is no shortage of reasons for Americans to be suspicious of our supposedly trustworthy healthcare bureaucracies—the CDC, FDA, NIH, and NIAID. For instance, let’s consider a few horror stories from the past.


In 1932, 600 African American men were enrolled in the Tuskegee Experiment in Macon County, Alabama. Of these men, who were primarily sharecroppers, 399 had latent or asymptomatic syphilis and 201 were free of the disease. Although the participants, most of whom had never been to a doctor, were told by the government that they were being treated for “bad blood,” they were given nothing but placebos, since the secret purpose of the experiment was to study the progression of syphilis in infected individuals. Despite the fact that penicillin was the recommended treatment for syphilis at the time, the men, who were being used as lab rats to study this virulent venereal disease, were denied penicillin.


Unbeknownst to the Tuskegee participants, the government purposely left them untreated, while they suffered the severe consequences of the disease, such as blindness and insanity. In the end, 28 participants perished from syphilis, 100 more from related complications, and 40 of their spouses were diagnosed with syphilis as well, which in turn passed the disease on to 19 of their children at birth. 


In 1973, Congress held hearings on the Tuskegee experiments. Afterward, the study’s surviving participants, along with the heirs of those who died, received a $10 million out-of-court settlement. In addition, Congress passed new guidelines to protect participants in U.S. government-funded research projects. 


In 1997, President Bill Clinton, issued an official government apology for the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, stating: “The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong… It is not only in remembering that shameful past that we can make amends and repair our nation, but it is in remembering that past that we can build a better present and a better future.” 


In light of the horrifying story of the Tuskegee Experiment, is there any wonder that the most vaccine hesitant ethnic community in America during the COVID pandemic has been the African-American community? Truly, as the past proves, they have good reason to be.


The infamous Cutter Incident, which has been called the greatest medical mistake of the 20th century, is another horrifying story from the past that ought to give Americans pause when it comes to practicing blind faith in our healthcare bureaucracies. 


In 1954, Bernice Eddy, an American virologist and epidemiologist, who worked for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), discovered that the polio vaccine developed by Cutter Laboratories, which was to be used in a massive national vaccination program, contained enough residual polio virus to possibly infect recipients rather than immunize them. However, having already been approved for public use, the NIH decided to bury Eddy’s disconcerting discovery and sideline her for her whistleblowing. As a result, 120,000 doses of the Cutter vaccine were manufactured and produced. Of children who received the vaccine, 40,000 developed polio, 51 were paralyzed by it, and 5 died from it. Furthermore, these affected children exposed others to the virus, resulting in an epidemic among their families and in their communities, within which another 113 people ended up paralyzed by polio.


As a result of the Cutter Incident, several thousand children were exposed to the polio virus under the guise of being immunized against it. In addition, this now infamous pharmaceutical disaster, which occurred in the days of FDR, the March of Dimes, and the Salk Polio Vaccine, arguably the greatest vaccine success story in our history, resulted in both the Director of the NIH, William Henry Sebrell, and the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Oveta Culp Hobby, being forced to step down. 


Let’s conclude this article with one more, not to mention a more recent and relevant horror story. Gulf War Syndrome was originally thought to be psychological. However, it caught the attention of researchers, who called for more serious study, when amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease began popping up among its sufferers, at four times the rate of the general population. After much investigation, it was discovered that those suffering from ALS had been given an experimental anthrax vaccine, which was emergency use authorized by the FDA.


These experimental anthrax vaccines used aluminum hydroxide and squalene as a new adjuvant. This new adjuvant came under scrutiny when laboratory mice, who were injected with this adjuvant in doses equivalent to those injected into US military personnel, developed neurological symptoms like those associated with ALS. Although this alarming discovery resulted in this adjuvant being removed from future anthrax vaccines given to servicemen, it was included, under the label MF59, by the FDA in the FLUAD—the 2017 flu vaccine. 


Servicemen who received the experimental anthrax vaccine during the Gulf War, unlike Americans who received the FLUAD, have been notified of their higher risk of developing Lou Gehrig’s disease. By the way, COVID-19 vaccines also contain MF59, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons the CDC has admitted that the vaccines do carry the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, like Lou Gehrig’s disease.